Potential Constraints on My Logical Data Model

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In summary, when building a database, budget, timescale, client requirements, client knowledge and skill, hardware and software, and the designer’s own knowledge and skill are all important factors to consider. Validation rules and combo boxes can improve efficiency, while enforcing relationship integrity is crucial for restricting the database and maintaining data integrity.

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The budget can really alter the way the database ends up like, if the budget is really low then the database will not turn as good as if more money were spent on it. This can really change the database greatly and a knowledgeable amount of money needs to be put into any database for it to return satisfaction.


If the client sets a time that the database needs to be finished by then the database may or may not need to be created fast and efficiently, this can also effect the database greatly as if there is only a little amount of time spent on it, it won’t be as great as one that would have more time spent on it.


The database needs to be created to exactly as the client requests and as he needs it as this is one of the most important factors of building any database: to make it to the user’s requirements.

Client knowledge and skill

The database needs to be adjusted so that the client can adapt to it and use it correctly, for this to happen the database needs to be designed around the client’s knowledge and skill.

Hardware and software

Knowing the hardware and software that the client will be using is very crucial in designing any database as if there computer is slower, the database will need to be adjusted to the computers requirements. Building the database to meet the requirements of the client’s computer is very crucial for efficiency.

My knowledge and skill

The database can only be built using my best knowledge and skill; I cannot create anything beyond my own skills. Validation rules
Validation rules are very important for databases, they provide error reports for the user, an example would be a telephone number being only 11 characters.

Combo boxes

Combo boxes allow the feature of a tick box in the database; this greatly improves efficiency when filling in forms and the like.

Relationship integrity

Enforcing relationship integrity is vital because it restricts your database because any field in a table that is declared a foreign key can contain values from a parent table’s primary key.

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