Prejudice and Discrimination on African Americans

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Although it is said that racism is dead it still very does exist in modern times, it has just become very well hidden and selective based on social opinions.

Originally the idea of blatant prejudice is our past history being shown throughout hundreds of years. Blatant prejudice is shown in forms of slavery, as well as segregation. In 1942, most Americans agreed, “There should be separate sections for Negroes on streetcars and buses” (Hyman & Sheatsley, 1956.) Most of us have seen movies showing these prejudices, my favorite movie “A Bronx Tale” shows plenty of it. The movie shows segregation ending, however the prejudice still against African Americans being integrated into primarily white schools. A Italian boy falls in love with a African American girl, which is frowned upon or “allowed” in the neighborhood in the 60’s.

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Blatant Prejudice has come to an end in open society yet took a form of subtle prejudice instead. A example would be resumes and the percentage taken from each minority. This came from an experiment done. Experiments have submitted fictitious pairs of women’s resumes to 613 Austrian clerical openings, and pairs of men’s resumes to 1,714 Athens, Greece, openings and 1,769 American job openings (Drydakis, 2009; Tilcsik, 2011; Weichselbaumer, 2003). By random assignment, one applicant in each pair acknowledged, among other activities, volunteering in a gay-lesbian organization. In response, callbacks were much less likely to the gay-involved applicants. In the American experiment, for example, 7.2 percent of applicants whose activities included being “Treasurer, Gay and Lesbian Alliance,” received replies, as did 11.5 percent of those associated with a different left-seeming group (“Treasurer, Progressive and Socialist Alliance”).

Nowadays I seem too see more stereotypes than racism in opinion while there still racism around. Personally stereotypes irritate people but are used in comedy very frequently, people do not seem to take that very seriously though. No one has gone through more stereotypes and seen racism than muslims and muslim Americans. Marilyn Elias, USA TODAY stated a isolated incident involving one person named “Motaz Elshafi, 28, a software engineer, casually opened an internal e-mail at work last month. The message began, ‘Dear Terrorist.’ The note from a co-worker was sent to Muslims working at Cisco Systems in Research Triangle Park, N.C., a few days after train bombings in India that killed 207. The e-mail warned that such violent acts wouldn’t intimidate people, but only make them stronger. “I was furious,’ says Elshafi, who is New Jersey-born and bred. ‘What did I have to do with this violence? Muslims who were born in America still get no breaks.

In opinion if we can treat Muslims equally as we do anyone else, they will have a good mental health and possibly not think of any harm to others. The form of bullying and bad mental health is to blame on society, and us as a world need to show love and understanding not everyone is bad that is Muslim. I love everyone and respect everyone as a human before I see any race, gender, or color.

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