Native Americans vs. African Americans

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In today’s society there are many people populating in poorness. All across America there are different undertakings and reserves where the less fortunate reside. Statisticss show that largely minorities live in these different locations. Native Americans and African Americans are two of the more popular races populating in these topographic points. The group enduring the most in these state of affairss is the young person.

Although both Native American and African American kids populating on a reserve or in the undertakings experience a awful community. hold small to no religion. and a broken household construction. African American young person life in the undertakings have it worse than Native American kids populating on a reserve. First. one of the most common life state of affairss for less fortunate African Americans is in the undertakings. A undertaking is a public life environment that is authorities owned. Although these edifices are authorities owned they are far from nice looking. Most of the edifices have no Windowss. are run down. dirty. and old.

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The government’s chief end is to keep low-cost lodging non to do them the best looking places in town. The undertakings aren’t a good environment for a kid to be raised. Throughout these vicinities different packs can be found. These packs are built to support the different countries in the undertakings. The packs bring major force to the country and are one of the chief causes of decease. At a immature age kids join these packs and are raised to be violent. Many of them decorate the edifices they are populating in with graffito showing their pack colourss. symbols. or slogan.

In contrast. while Native American young person besides live in hapless lodging. the environment is safer than the undertakings. A reserve is an country set aside for a specific type of land usage or activity. or for usage by a peculiar group of people. largely Native Americans. Similar to the undertakings. houses on a reserve are old. crush down. and dirty. The houses on a reserve are authorities owned as good. Although these two locations are really similar they besides differ. The reserve is a safer topographic point so the undertakings. On the reserve there is a couple instances of mild force but they aren’t every bit terrible as the force in the undertakings.

Therefore. the reserves environment is a better environment than the undertakings. Second. many of the immature people have no religion turning up in the undertakings. A batch of them believe their lone manner out of the undertakings is to go a hoops or football participant or to go a top merchandising blame creative person. At every bit immature as 16 old ages of age most African American males end up in gaol. deceased. or selling drugs. A batch of them are besides lead to believe that if they don’t do what every other adult male on the streets is making. so they won’t make it anyplace in life.

On the reserve the childs believe their lone manner out is to go NBA participants or “powwowers” . Powwower’s are traditional Native American cheerleaders or terpsichoreans. Much like the African Americans turning up in the undertakings. the life anticipation rate for those populating on a reserve is in the mid mid-fortiess. Sing that both of these locations are in the United States mid mid-fortiess is really immature of age. Many of these people don’t unrecorded really long because they don’t have adequate money to take attention of themselves every bit good as their households. They besides aren’t able to populate a healthy life style which shortens their yearss.

Death is common in the two locations which leaves these two immature groups inquiring what’s beyond the age 40. Last. household construction is really of import in a family. In the undertakings many of the places lack a really strong household construction. Children turning up in the undertakings nine times out of 10 don’t have both parents in the place. Most of them are drug traders. alkies. cocottes. or making any and everything to seek and supply for the kid. Although these parents are seeking to supply for their kids a batch of the clip they are besides on public assistance.

Furthermore. these children’s parents aren’t of all time about. they sometimes go yearss without holding anything to eat. Many of the immature work forces follow after the footfalls of their male parent. older brother. or uncles which is why this rhythm has continued for so long. Native Americans typically lodge together as a unit. Harmonizing to Sherman Alexie. an award winning writer who grew up on a reserve. “Native American kids are taught to be leery of Caucasic people. ” Native Americans teach this to their kids because there are many people in America that are against minorities and believe that merely because they are the bulk they’re better.

A batch of the parents on a reserve go from occupation to occupation non being able to maintain one occupation for a long period of clip. Many of these parents are besides alkies. On the other manus. some of these households on these reserves are really household oriented unlike the African American households in the undertakings. These Native American households have up to seventeen household members populating in one house. They keep their households really near and are really supportive of one another instead so being against each other like African Americans.

The parents watch over their kids to do certain they don’t travel down the incorrect way in life. Although these households are sing difficult times they cheer each other up and pull off to smile every one time in a piece. Therefore. the Native Americans household construction is stronger so African Americans. In decision. Native American young person populating on a reserve have it better so African American young person life in the undertakings. Both of these minorities are traveling through some adversities. From alcoholic parents to non holding anything to eat they both are enduring as immature kids.

Native American households provide a safer life environment. work harder. and expression after one another. where as African Americans are against one another. on the streets all twenty-four hours. and are strongly associated with force. As the old ages go on these households are trusting that the authorities will divide people in the undertakings and those populating on reserves and supply them both with a better life state of affairs. If these environments are separated the United States will be one measure closer to extinguishing force in America.

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