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Problems of Slums

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Problems of slums in India
Slums are the homes of the poor and their families, and provide the minimum shelter to the people. Migration of the poor to cities creates slums. Cultivable land in villages is limited. And it is not enough to support the landless labourers in the village. Instead of starving in villages, they along with their women folk move on to cities in search of employment. While men work as unskilled works, their women get work in households.

World found, they build juggles that later become a cluster of huts.
Spread of education in villages is also responsible for migration c rural people to urban areas. Once a person in a village crosses the matriculation level, the agricultural profession does not interest him. He is on the lookout for an office job and hence the migration.
The slums in the capital and metro cities are getting larger and larger—with more migrants coming in. Basic amenities like electricity, potable water, toilets may be lacking in slums and there is no drainage.

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Problems of Slums
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Heaps of garbage is found here and there. Hygienic conditions are not there-thus slum dweller fall easy prey to diseases like cholera, malaria, jaundice. During the rainy season, it is real hell for slum dwellers.
The best way to deal with the problem of slums in cities would be to stop migration of landless labourer from rural to urban areas by providing employment avenues in villages. Different labour intensive industries can be started in villages. Small-scale industries, with loan facilities, can be established for educated rural youth. Better living facilities are provided so that city life no longer holds charm. The migration ceased, there will be no reason for slum to come up. Or the only thing done to improve the scene is, to teach them to be neat and clean and more disciplined. If they live as neat and disciplined citizens there should not be much of a problem.

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