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Product Protocol Sample

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    Contents of a Product Protocol ? Target market – specifies who they are ? Product positioning – identifies product attributes to be emphasized to make the NP unique. ? Competitive comparison – organization bench marks against the best in the industry; identifies what makes them successful and copies. Failures in the industry are analyzed and avoided ? Augmentation dimensions – add – ons to the product e. g. warranty maintenance and delivery services ? Timing – date for product launch is set so as to avoid delays or rushing to the market. Marketing requirement – (7Ps)or the marketing program ? Financials- sales volume , discounts, price ? Regulatory requirements – are there any laws restricting the manufacture or distribution of the NP ? Key Potholes – any obstacles that may impede the production of the NP. style Target Market Our product is targeted to Entry level middle class employees, College and High School Men. We chose to target this group because these are people who spend most on fashion, compared to other age groups,(i. e. men aged between 18 and 34 years), because of their consciousness to fashion.

    Product Positioning Our success is going to be anchored on diverse, high quality product line that meets men’s lifestyle needs. Our market desires quality but is highly price sensitive. We aim to use opinion leaders such, especially musicians such as Winky D, Stunner and Roki. Competitive Comparison Locally Rusboot competes with Bata, Eagle Italian Leather and Walk tall, but our most significant competitor is imported shoes, that are of varied origin, for example Dubai, Singapore, China. Bata is one of Zimbabwe’s best shoe industries, offering 16 brands.

    Bata has been successful because of its goal to improve the lives of its customers, employees, supplies and the communities in the developed as well as developing countries. Eagle Italia Leather is also a successful shoe company in Zimbabwe. It targets the Safari industry as well as the parastatal companies in Zimbabwe. It has signed contracts with companies like Zimparks to provide them with wild animal skin shoes. Augmentations There are going to be add-ons to the product such as: • Distributor services : benefits and guarantees

    Rus-boot understands the important role of the distributor in ensuring that the product reached the final customer. Rus-boot is therefore sworn not only to delivering a quality product, but also a valuable relationship with distributors that is mutually beneficial. The following is therefore promised with every purchase: ? Free delivery ? No sales tax ? Free returns and exchanges ? 100% price guarantee ? 100% safe purchase guarantee • Free delivery Rednuth delivery service is free to Rednuth customers anywhere in Zimbabwe as soon as you make your purchase.

    To those customers who buy online, allow 2- 5 business days for receipt within Zimbabwe. Free delivery does not apply to countries out of Zimbabwe. • No sales tax Enjoy no sales tax on every order. Rednuth pays for all applicable sales tax for orders delivered in Zimbabwe. International orders are not charged sales tax at the time of purchase. A customer will be responsible for paying any taxes and duties incurred in the delivery of international orders. • Free returns and exchanges We guarantee your satisfaction.

    If you are not happy with your order, we are happy to accept a return or an exchange at no cost to you. Products that you return or exchange must be unworn. Rednuth does not guarantee wear or tear or any damage unrelated to the manufacturer. When making a return or exchange Rednuth will: ? Provide you a pre-paid return label for your order to send your items back to us. ? Credit your full purchase price for each item in the returned delivery to the credit card used to make your purchase. ? For exchanges, charge the same credit card for the purchase total of each new item.

    As always Rednuth will honor all promotions used toward your original purchase and will ship the new items to you free of charge. • 100% price guarantee If you find a product for a lower price from another company we will refund you 100% of the difference between the lower price and Rednuth’s price. We will even refund the difference if we lower the price at Rednuth. Rednuth will verify the company where you found the lower price, give you the discount, and send you an email with your new total. • 100% safe purchase guarantee

    We guarantee that any purchase you make from our store or website will be 100% safe. If unauthorized charges are made to your credit card as a result of doing business with us, you will pay nothing. The Rus-boot website servers use secure sockets layer, an encryption technology that works with modern browsers so that only Rus-boot . co. zw can read a buyer’s personal information. Shopping online at Rus-boot. co. zw is statistically safer because the information is immediately encrypted into a scrambled message that can only be decrypted by an unauthorized computer.

    Timing Nothing Special here Marketing requirement Product Manufacturer – rus-boot Brand – rednuht Colour- Tan; Grey; Black Material- premium waterproof leather Sole material- durable rubber lug outsole made with 30% recycled rubber Boot height- ankle; high cut Shoe width- regular Shoe sizes- sizes 5’’ to 13’’ Lacing- Lace-up front, buckle up, stretch to fit and stretch to fit lace-up Other product components All leather upper; stitch detailing; man-made lining; cushioned inner-sole; saw-tooth-style rubber sole; material care leather. Place

    Our product will initially be available in leading boutiques in and around Harare. Deliveries are as per order. Pricing The product price will vary according to the shoe style and type. The retail prices are: Clarks desert boots cost $65; keen utility Tacoma soft toe boot cost $55 and the timberland classic premium boot costs $50. Retailers get the boots at retail price less 30%. Credit for the outlets can be negotiated based on order size. Promotion Promotion of the rus-boot’s rednuht will be braced by an ingenious marketing strategy energized by use of opinion leaders.

    We will also provide with in-store promotional material such as banners, rollers and stickers as well as instant give away such as cool rus-boot branded t-shirts, key holders and back-packs. People At launch, we are going to provide in-store merchandisers to facilitate pushing of volumes. Processes Physical evidence There are 5 production plants across Zimbabwe, where the tan boots will be manufactured. Financials Stated above Regulatory requirements To be distributed under the rus-boot label; Price is not retailer adjustable; All discounts/promotions are from rus-boot

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