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Project Manager

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Project management, for me, is about the journey and the endpoint. It is about the spirit of elation that comes from accomplishment. It is about a road less traveled; experience is imperative. Before setting out one is well advised to have the necessary tools and tenacity to be able to withstand the treacherous terrain ahead. It is about the build-up of sheer emotions that come from that journey and arriving at the endpoint. As an Architectural Designer/Project Manager, it is about building something from nothing and seeing its glorious manifestations.

It is the sense of accomplishment that one feels when, despite all odds, a disaster is averted, issues are resolved, and risks are minimized or completely eliminated.
Project management for me is about remaining true to my values. Resisting the temptation to always flow with the tide. My approach has always been to be respectful of others and preserving individual’s dignity; trusting team members to do the right thing; empowering professionals to perform their job with due diligence; listening attentively and responding courteously; judicious while avoiding procrastination; demonstrating willingness to compromise my ego in order to learn from my own mistakes; finally, exhibiting patience and tolerance when mentoring and coaching others.

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Project Manager
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Project management also means having good leadership virtues, teamwork, and achieving results. Whether you are new to managing projects or have many years of experience, a project manager must know how to lead. A good leader exhibits Christ-like virtues of being a follower and a leader simultaneously. A good leader motivates people to want to get the job done; building a great team to manage a project successfully.

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