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AIM: To find out the communication mix and promotional tools used by the Samsonite to popularize its product trekking bags and to suggest promotional ideas to make its advertisement and promotion better. OBJECTIVE: Marketing communication tools are the means by which firm attempt to inform, persuade and remind consumers, directly or indirectly, about the product and brand they sell. In sense, they represent the voice of the company.

Marketing communication mix consist of eight major modes of communication – advertisement, sales promotion, events and experiences, public relation and publicity, direct marketing, interactive marketing, word of mouth and personal selling. Now we have to discuss about what tools are used by samsonite to maintain its brand name and value and what tools I can suggest. INTRODUCTION ABOUT COMPANY: Samsonite Group is one of the world’s largest and most recognized designers and distributors in the luggage industry.

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With a rich heritage that includes nearly a century in business, Samsonite has a proud tradition of developing innovative, high-quality products that integrate style, functionality and design technology to meet the changing lifestyle needs of people on the move. Samsonite’s tagline – ‘Life’s a Journey’ – embodies the brand’s belief and vision, symbolizing the role Samsonite has in the multi-faceted lives of travelers. The Samsonite brand was born in 1910 when founder Jesse Shwayder began producing luggage for turn-of-the-century travelers – a small and affluent group who appreciated the Company’s unique, durable and finely crafted products.

As travel evolved into a mainstream activity, Samsonite’s product mix evolved with it, growing to encompass a diverse range of items for a host of travel needs. Along the way, Samsonite continued to anticipate and fulfill the changing requirements of travelers by introducing a string of “firsts”, including the first matching luggage sets, the first lightweight luggage and the first wheeled suitcases, to name just a few.

Today, the global travel industry continues to grow, and Samsonite continues to lead through the continuous introduction of innovative technologies, materials and design concepts, which we market through some of the most recognized brand names in the world. And while each of our brands is specifically focused on its own clearly defined customer group, every product we create continues to embody the same values on which Samsonite was founded – high quality, fine craftsmanship, exceptional reliability and enduring style. ABOUT TREKKING BAGS: Special bag for digital photo and video cameras •Comfortable access to the equipment, lid-opening away from the body •Flat front compartment for memory cards •Mesh pocket integrated in the lid •Carrying handle, shoulder strap and belt loop •Rain-protection cover METHODOLOGY USED: Secondary research: For find out the various communication tools used by Samsonite , secondary research has been done. With the help of internet, various site related to samsonite, its website, its communication tools are search with hard work and analysis is done to reach at conclusion.

OBSERVED COMMUNICATION COOLS USED BY SAMSONITE: Internet: The main communication tool samsonite is internet. Through the help of various e-shopping site like amazon. com and ebay. com it sell their product. On these site, different attribute of trekking bags, their price and various offer with these bags. Electronic media (T. V. ) and sponsorship: CNN International has announced that Samsonite will sponsor its new multi-platform feature series, ‘My City, My Life’; a program where celebrities show audiences the highlights of their favourite cities.

The sponsorship has taken effect from 3rd May 2008, signals the premium travel brand’s first television advertising campaign in four years and is a significant evolution of Samsonite’s traditionally spot-driven association with CNN International. For Samsonite, its sponsorship of ‘My City, My Life’ marks the next phase in its long term global communications campaign ‘Life’s a Journey’. The campaign is a compelling mix of brand and product advertising and will extend Samsonite’s brand footprint to connect with CNN International’s upscale audiences across Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.

It will also reach audiences globally via CNN. com. Print media: Samsonite’s new advertising campaign features Nick Knight, a well-known fashion photographer. The campaign launched in late March 2008 and will run till the end of June across Europe, Asia, India and Latin America. It will run in Singapore from May to June, predominantly in print media such as magazines and the Straits Times and Business Times. Initiative is Samsonite’s local media agency. Sales promotion: Various sales promotion tools are used by the Samsonite: •Free coupons •Free gift stuff •Free shipping •Gift cards •Grocery coupon •Discount offer Guarantee of 10 years SUGGESTION FOR IMPROVING THE COMMUNICATION TOOLS: Samsonite’s trekking bags are very high quality, have very good looking design which can easily attract to youth. Technical, it is very advanced like it has Separate compartments for memory cards and a cleaning cloth and Separate compartments for charged and empty rechargeable batteries and rain cover. But after that it is not as popular as it should be especially in India. To gain the competitive advantages, it is necessary for every product to use various communication tools instead of depending on one or two communication tools.

Samsonite totally ignore the direct marketing and personal selling for promote its trekking bags. It much more depends on internet for promotion, buying, giving offers etc. but internet is not the mass media. By internet one can know about the product but personal shopping experience is totally missing in this aspect. So there are some suggestions which I think can improve the communication strategy of samsonite, especially in India. These are as follows: Direct marketing: Samsonite can use this tool very effectively.

It can persuade the customer to purchase the bags by sending the emails, fax, voice mails, catalogues, so that brand awareness could be generated among people. It can find all the photographer phone number from the phone directory and then can make calls to them to provide them trekking camera bags and tell them about the distinct features of bags. It can arrange the database of employees from various sources and then can use this tool by making phone calls to them or use other method described earlier. It can also provide customized bags to various consumers s per their requirement. Trade show and fairs: Samsonite can participate in various trade shows and fairs in various cities time to time because by this they can interact with the potential customers and make them aware about the best features of trekking bags. It can also organize trade show and fairs at the various tourist places because tourists need the trekking bags very mush. Exhibition: Like trade fairs, Samsonite can also organize the exhibition in various cities to attract the consumers. It can establish a small stall in busy market and sell the bag.

Personal selling: Personal selling is the consumer specific medium through it can promote their bags. It can use the sales representatives so that they can fix a sales meeting. The best thing is that in this tool that consumer can investigate all the aspect and features of the bag and representative also can tell about the best of the product directly and in effectively manner to consumer. Advertisement: Samsonite can promote its bags by giving ads on the ticket of various transportation medium like air-tickets, rail-ticket, bus-tickets. It can also collaborate with some travels agencies and can use their tickets for ads also.

Public relations and publicity: Samsonite also can improve its brand name among consumers by maintain g good relations with them. It can provide free holiday package to the selected consumer through lottery system. This strategy will surely help in word –of-mouth publicity too. CSR promotion: Samsonite can also participate in various social activities to improve its brand image like it can participate in maintain the greenery and environment at various tourist places through campaigns and create awareness among people to maintain the heritage of tourist places. LIMITATION: Limitation of the project is the absence of primary research.

This project totally depends upon the secondary research. CONCLUSION: Communication tool are the effective medium for promote the product but company should be aware of that which tools are effective or not. According to market need, consumer group starget, and competitor communication strategy, one should decide about the communication tools. Samsonite has good product as trekking bags which has a good potential to be popular among customer especially amongst tourists but it has to more focus on various tools so that it can make the people aware about its product.

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