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Pros and cons of individual rights

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Individual Rights and Freedom V.S. National Security
National Security

National Security secures people’s safety; individual rights wouldn’t exist without a country being well protected, and Defeats the purpose of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom Only a legitimate government provides national safety, so civilians wont have to worry about corruptions. The use of millimetre wave scanner higher US’s security, but the security check is an invasive search of the body. The image from the body scan shows the private parts of a human being, which offends those who value conservative.

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Pros and cons of individual rights
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During the security check, cells are exposed to microwaves which also pose risks in our health. Civilians submit to a government for national safety in return for a safe environment for them to speak and get individual rights

Civilians need to live in a stable life and that why they need national security. They need to sacrifice their right for the greater goods that benefits them.

Individual rights and freedom

Individuals have no protections against military if the force is used unreasonably Prolongs the investigation and process of security, and also takes away the authorities of the military even if the force is used under a reasonable condition. If individual rights are being protected than it would makes it harder for the government tyranny to take over, then peace and happiness will happen in a nation. People might get selfish and take over other people’s rights to get what they want, but that wont happen unless individual rights is being protected. The freedom of a civilian is against anything a “free” country stands for. If the rights is been taken away then this world will turn neither safe nor free.

Humanity will harm each other without the rights of individual to speak for what they think its right and protect themselves from people who are harming

Thomas Jefferson said” I rather suffer trails and tribulations attending too much “freedom” than be shot by some despot because I refused to be a slave.

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