School Reform: Pros and Cons

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Suddenly the whole society realized the necessity of a school reform. We clasped our custodies with great surprise and exclaimed: “ Why, but we have to alter it! ” There ‘s no fume without fire. If we inspect the issue more deeply it will be clear that the thought emerged non so by chance.

Probes prove that about 90 % of school pupils have developed wellness jobs or are now behind the norm of their age in mental and physical adulthood. The ground for that can be found non merely in hapless economic system of the province and hostile environment, but besides in the conditions at school in which pupils spend ten old ages. The burden of new topics and the turning deepness of larning are the basic grounds for wellness jobs.

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Endeavoring for a esteemed position of secondary schools or lyceums some schools introduce new topics, include them into their course of study and do them compulsory. They may learn logic, psychological science, and civilization of idea, ecology, economic sciences and what non! Frequently it is done at the cost of a decreased figure of hours intended for such subjects as natural philosophies, biological science, literature, history and others. The norms, criterions and demands remain on the same degree though school kids lack the clip necessary to larn the topics successfully. At the same clip they usually spend over six hours at school and over four hours making their prep. Hence the workweek of a regular high-school pupil is 60 hours!

Specialized schools, which put particular accent on humanistic disciplines or scientific disciplines or linguistic communications, are reputed to be extremely professional. They double the figure of hours of specific topics therefore taking at the quality of pupils ’ cognition. The consequence is two faceted. On the one manus the volume of acquired cognition is excessively increased together with the burden of intensified procedure of acquisition, on the other manus we face a ruinous autumn in the status of pupils ’ organic structures and heads.

One more nerve-wrecking factor is an independent scrutiny committee. Specialized schools introduced tests at each twelvemonth get downing with the 5th class. School pupils strain every nervus to delight the committee to

merely base on balls from one class to another and so happen themselves in dislocations. There’s no land for that. Final control testing is proved to be sufficient except for alumnus old ages.

Transformations will be foremost of all done in the educational criterions and the course of study. It is necessary to make new criterions, to give expertness and to discourse and knock them. Those instructors who are truly interested in their pupils ’ public presentation and wellness should take part in this treatment.

If we assess the whole educational system of Russia critically, successes of the past were linked to the accomplishment demands of a planned economic system, non to the demands of an unplanned labour market and an unfastened society. Capital investings in instruction have been worsening for the last decennaries. Buildings have deteriorated, libraries are antiquated, and laboratory equipment is going unserviceable.

Russia ‘s curricular traditions are ill-suited for an economic system where problem-solving ability and occupational flexibleness are of great importance. Soviet course of study tended to stress the acquisition of factual stuff and to underemphasize the accomplishments necessary for using this stuff to unfamiliar fortunes in other words, problem-solving accomplishments.

Teachers ’ staff constitutes one more undertaking for the authorities. There is barely any instructor in Russia who would be satisfied with his or her salary and working status. Therefore non so many people, immature misss largely, are willing to get this profession. Experienced school instructors say that today instruction is based on pure enthusiasm. Merely those who feel their natural sensitivity to instruction are still loyal to the profession. Teaching is neither well-paid nor esteemed.

Specifying the jobs we may come to the corollary that Russian educational system has so many firing issues that it is difficult to conceive of how this system still manages to last. The package of jobs seems to be tightly knitted. The much discussed school reform should cover non merely with twelve-year instruction and curricular alterations but besides with funding every bit good as statute law. The budgeting procedure should be revised consequently. The figure of issues is huge but we have to bear in head that our hereafter depends on instruction of the immature coevals who is the hereafter of the state.

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