Pros of the Overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy

My subject was about the pro?s of the overthrow of the monarchy. A few of the grounds why the overthrow of the monarchy was good was because Hawaii started to go multi-cultural. Bing multi-cultural can be looked upon every bit good if you see it as a manner to diversify our civilizations. Not to many provinces are every bit diversified as Hawaii which is particular. some people are merely one race like me but a batch of people here are a combination of many different ethnicities like Nipponese. Chinese. Hawaiian. Samoan. black. and white this combination of all the ethnicities is what makes the people here that live in Hawaii unique.

Another ground why the overthrow of the monarchy was good was because it finally it led up to the appropriation of Hawaii to the US. When we became a U. S. district Hawaii improved. Hawaii gained a cloaca system. great lucks were made by the industry people like the sugar and pineapple plantation proprietors. and besides the existent estate concern boomed. A really of import thing that happen when we became the fiftieth province of the U. S. was that America extended the measure of rights which gave adult females the right to vote. Before in the monarchy merely 21 twelvemonth old white male that could read and compose English could vote. This gave adult females and work forces and the Hawaiian people more rights.

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Another pro of what the overthrow of the monarchy is that now there was non merely one swayer. Alternatively of it being merely one swayer it became a democracy. Even thought the system of 1 dictator was working out so far the island of Hawaii was quickly altering and merely holding one sovereign would likely non hold fit the demand of all that was go oning in the islands. There was the demands of the native Hawaiian that was likely the most of import to her. the demands of the sugar cane and Ananas comosus proprietors. The plantations proprietor would desire more land and so would the Hawaiians the demands of everybody on the island could hold gotten excessively out of control for merely 1 sovereign to manage so holding a democratic authorities would work out the demand for all of that.

Even though some Hawaiians feel that the overthrow of the monarchy was a bad thing there are some Hawaiians that really think that the overthrow of the monarchy was a good thing. Earl Arakaki from ‘Ewa Beach wrote in a missive to the editor that that appropriation to the United States was the best thing that could go on to Hawaii. both for the native and foreign population. I am proud to be a portion of the united provinces and I?m proud to be a native Hawaiian. Some Hawaiians accepted these alterations and have adapted them into their life styles. Called the bi-cultural Hawaiians. they took the best from both universes.

In a diary entry that Queen Liliokalani wrote she said and I quote ?Tho’ for a minute ( the overthrow ) cost me a stab of hurting for my people. it was merely fleeting. for the nowadays has a hope for the hereafter of my people. ?Hawaiian people are quite diverse of the topic on the overthrow of the monarchy although the native Hawaiian position point has been expresses many times there is ever more than one side of a storyOur group sentiment of the overthrow of the monarchy was bad because many Hawaiians lost the very civilization that made them single to the other races.

Having the Hawaiian monarchy taken off from the Hawaiians was as if something you were truly used to and were merely all right with ripped off from you and told that it was incorrect and you should get down to populate the manner that we live and non even holding a say in it. We besides think that the overthrow of the monarchy was good excessively in a manner because if the overthrow wouldn?t have happened so like where would we be now? Some of us might non hold of all time met or even been born. Its like some of our parents would hold ne’er met and the manner that Hawaii is now would be manner. manner different


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