How are jane eyre and helen burns different?

Updated: November 28, 2022
Jane Eyre is an orphan who is sent to live with her aunt and is later sent to a boarding school. Helen Burns is a student at the boarding school.
Detailed answer:

Jane and Helen are very different in many ways, but they have similar traits. Although Jane is more emotional and does not mind punishment, Helen is more passive and resigned to her fate. Helen’s constant presence in her life, especially during her first few months, becomes essential for Jane’s survival. Moreover, she inspires Jane to become a better person.

The story begins with Jane in Lowood. She will become increasingly involved in school activities. However, she will notice that Helen Burns is being treated unfairly by her history teacher, Miss Scatcherd. She sees that Helen is the brightest student in class, but Miss Scatcherd picks on her for the smallest things.

The two main characters in Jane Eyre are very different. Although they both seek happiness, they have different goals and motives. Nevertheless, both seek happiness and love. Their main similarities are that they both rely on faith, and faith is very important in life.

In the novel, Helen burns advises Jane to read the Bible and derive instruction from Christ. In fact, Helen Burns quotes the New Testament in the novel.

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