What is the theme of jane eyre?

Updated: November 28, 2022
The theme of jane eyre is love and loss.
Detailed answer:

The theme of Jane Eyre is class, a theme that runs throughout the novel. As a member of the lower class, Jane is treated like a servant by the upper class Reed family. She is denied personal vanity and is thus portrayed as a rebel in a society where women are expected to be obedient. Her rebel streak is aimed at exposing the “inequalities of society” and focuses on how women are treated differently based on their gender or class.

Another theme explored in the novel is beauty. Though Jane Eyre is beautiful on the outside, she is a rare find in society. While her external appearance attracts many men, she is beautiful on the inside as well. She carries a strong moral code that makes her a unique figure. Her beautiful appearance is the reason Mr. Rochester falls for her, but her heart is the real beauty of the novel. She is the antithesis of Blanche Ingram, who is superficially beautiful but cruel on the inside.

Jane Eyre also explores religion and morality. She finds that life is better when she balances religion with morality. While her life is far from perfect, she finds that it is worth living a little bit of sacrifice for the sake of her faith. She also finds happiness in helping others, despite the difficulties she faces.

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