“I Was Within and Without” What Does This Quote Mean?

Updated: November 28, 2022
The quote means that the speaker was both inside and outside of the house.
Detailed answer:

The quote “I was within and without” is a reference to the inner battle that human beings face. It speaks to the fact that we are often conflicted with ourselves – sometimes even struggling to understand our own motivations.
The quote suggests that there are two sides to every person – a public persona and a private persona. The public persona is what we show to others, while the private persona is what we keep hidden from view. The goal of this quote is to encourage introspection: it asks us to consider how our inner thoughts conflict with our outward actions, and how those conflicts can be used against us by others who want to control us.
It also suggests that we are all capable of both good and evil, depending on the situation. When someone does something bad, we tend not to think of them as actually being bad people – they were just put in an uncomfortable situation where they did something wrong out of fear or confusion. This quote encourages us not to make assumptions based on superficial knowledge about other people (like their appearance) but rather delve deeper into their motivations and feelings before judging them too harshly for their actions

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