What Does Athena Fear?

Updated: November 28, 2022
Athena fears that her wisdom will not be enough to protect her from the dangers of the world. She also fears that she will not be able to find a place in the world where she belongs.
Detailed answer:

Athena is afraid of losing her status as the goddess of wisdom and war.

She is afraid that if she doesn’t protect Athens, she will lose her role as protector of the city. She is also afraid that if she doesn’t protect Athens, it will be replaced by another city.

Athena fears being replaced by another goddess. She fears that someone else will replace her as a warrior goddess and that her city will fall apart because she isn’t strong enough anymore to keep it safe.

Athena fears being forgotten by the people she protects. If people forget about Athena, then they might not worship her anymore or even know who she is, which would make her feel very lonely and sad.

Athena is afraid of being defeated in battle because then she wouldn’t be able to keep anyone safe from harm or give advice anymore like she does now at this moment today with this writing piece right here on this website called “What Does Athena Fear?” So there’s that too!

Athena is afraid of being humiliated in front of the other gods and goddesses because then they might laugh at her behind her back for being so scared.

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