How Does Athena Help Odysseus?

Updated: November 28, 2022
Athena helps Odysseus by giving him guidance and protection.
Detailed answer:

Myrtle has been invited to a party for Athena, the goddess of wisdom, warfare, and crafts. Myrtle is excited to meet the goddess, who has helped Odysseus in his journey home from Troy.

Athena has disguised Odysseus as an old man so that he can safely travel through enemy territory on his way home to Ithaca. The suitors have been trying to woo Penelope, Odysseus’s wife and queen of Ithaca since he left for war. Penelope must decide which suitor she will marry before Odysseus returns!

Myrtle is thrilled when a young boy shows up at her door with a message from Athena: she will disguise Myrtle as a young woman so that she can help Odysseus in his quest to return home safely. Myrtle feels honored by Athena’s request and excited by the prospect of adventure.

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