Why Does Athena Help Odysseus?

Updated: November 28, 2022
Athena is Odysseus' protector goddess, and she helps him because he is one of her favorites.
Detailed answer:

Athena is the goddess of wisdom and war. She is Odysseus’s patron goddess. She helps him in his journey back to Ithaca. She gives him guidance and counsel. She protects him from harm. She helps him overcome obstacles. She gives him strength in times of need. She is a constant source of support. She helps him achieve his goals. She is always there for him.

The goddess of wisdom and war is Athena, which means that she knows everything about strategy and tactics, but also has a keen mind that can analyze things very well (and quickly). This is why she can help Odysseus with his problems because she knows how to strategize solutions for them based on her vast knowledge about many things including warfare, politics and even nature itself since she was born out of Zeus’ head!

She’s also Odysseus’s patron goddess, which means that she protects him from harm by giving him guidance and counsel when he needs it most so he won’t fall prey to any dangers along the way – like he did when he went to Circe’s palace for example!

Athena also protects Odysseus from harm by helping him overcome obstacles along the way – like when he was trapped.

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