Who Attended Gatsby’s Funeral?

Updated: November 28, 2022
Only Nick and Gatsby's father attend the funeral.
Detailed answer:

The funeral was attended by a number of people, who felt varied emotions about the death of Gatsby. They thought that his life had been an admirable one, and that he had been a very good man. They felt that he had been well-loved by many people, and that his death was a great loss for all of them.

His funeral was much more elaborate than others they had attended; it included a large procession, with horses pulling the hearse and cars following behind it. People were dressed in black and wore hats or veils over their faces. Gatsby’s friends decorated the church with flowers and brought him gifts for his final journey.

They thought that Gatsby’s parties were amazing events, full of excitement and glamor. They were impressed by how much money he spent on them and thought they must have been very fun to attend.

The people at the funeral thought that Gatsby had treated Daisy badly when she divorced him and married Tom Buchanan instead; they did not approve of this relationship either. However, they believed that he loved her deeply even though they didn’t get along well together anymore after their divorce.

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