Who is Merlin in King Arthur?

Updated: January 25, 2023
Merlin is a wise and magical being who helps King Arthur in his quest to unite the kingdom. He is also Arthur's teacher, mentor and friend.
Detailed answer:

Merlin’s name comes from the legend of Merlin Ambrosius, who was a great warlock in Welsh folklore and literature, dating back to around the 12th century A.D., although he didn’t become popular until the 16th century when Geoffrey of Monmouth wrote his Historia Regum Britanniae (History of the Kings of Britain).

Merlin is the most famous wizard of all time. He was born in the 5th century and helped King Arthur to become the most powerful king of all time. He had an unusual way of thinking and was often playful.

Merlin had a close relationship with King Arthur and helped him many times when he needed advice or help with something. He also taught him how to use magic, which made Arthur’s kingdom even stronger than it already was.

Merlin has a lot of different roles in the story: he is sometimes portrayed as a hero, other times as a villain but always as an enigma who cannot be understood by others. Some versions say that he was alive long before that time and will live until after the end of the world!

In some stories, Merlin is described as having blue eyes, red hair and a long beard; other times, he is said to be bald with a short white beard and pale skin. In all cases, however, Merlin is very wise and intelligent.

He is responsible for making Arthur king of England by giving him Excalibur, his magic sword, which gives him great strength in battle.

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