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Throughout history America has ever battled issues with race. Whether it was slaves contending for freedom. African Americans fighting for equality or today’s issue of illegal immigrants. race in America is a changeless evolving topic. With the battles of these people have come many animating plants of literature. each voicing the same message of freedom and equality. In the celebrated addresss of Frederick Douglass. Booker T. Washington and Martin Luther King Jr. and the Hagiographas of former slaves each portion similarities and differences between the ways in which they are written. presented. their message. and how their audience responded to their words. Each address and composing agitate the people who heard it and helped alteration and do history. These powerful plants of literature are a true inspiration. without them our universe would non be the same. Frederick Douglass. one of the greatest abolitionist leaders of the 19th century. was born into bondage in the twelvemonth 1818 on a plantation in Maryland.

Frederick Douglass lived the first 20 old ages of his life as a slave ; throughout this clip he witnessed and felt the rough life of a slave. Slaves were frequently restricted ; they were allowed to make really small. particularly with white people. One activity they were allowed to partake in during bondage was worship. Frederick Douglass did non detest Christianity. what he hated was the bias within the Christian churches of America. He spoke about this favoritism. in his address The Church and Prejudice. Douglass delivered the address on November 4th 1841 in Plymouth County Massachusetts. Throughout the Speech Frederick Douglass spoke on both the favoritism against the free inkinesss in the North and the inhuman treatment against the slaves in the South. for illustration he states in his address. “Yet people in general will state they like colored work forces every bit good as any other. but in their proper topographic point! They assign us that topographic point ; they don’t allow us make it for ourselves. nor will they let us a voice in the determination. They will non let that we have a caput to believe. and a bosom to experience. and a psyche to draw a bead on. They treat us non as work forces. but as dogs–they cry “Stu-boy! ” and anticipate us to run and make their command.

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That’s the manner we are liked. You degrade us. and so inquire why we are degraded–you shut our oral cavities. and so inquire why we don’t speak–you near our colleges and seminaries against us. and so inquire why we don’t know more” ( 1 ) . Slave narrations may non be written in the same manner but they still hold the same significance. Frederick’s address entreaties to the scruples of his audience and so does the Hagiographas of former slaves. such as Harriet Jacobs. Each work has the same underlined significance. that the manner in which slaves and inkinesss are treated is barbarous and incorrect. Harriet achieves this by composing about her battles and get awaying. uncovering the anguishs of being a slave. Fredrick on the other manus uses ground and cogent evidence. They are written otherwise but they each hold the same message and achieved the same reaction. Both plants helped assistance in the anti-slavery motion and helped people recognize the evilness of bondage. Frederick Douglass was non the lone 1 who contributed to the anti-slavery motion.

Booker T. Washington. born a slave every bit good. became a noteworthy author. instructor. and talker. In September 1895. Washington delivers the undermentioned address. “Atlanta Compromise Address. ” before a preponderantly white audience at the Cotton States and International Exposition in Atlanta. His magnetic and peaceable personality along with his function in beneficent Acts of the Apostless. political relations. and dialogues shortly turned him into a beginning of esteem shortly after the terminal of the civil war and helped him acquire his point across during this clip. In his most celebrated address Washington says. “One-third of the population of the South is of the Negro race. No endeavor seeking the stuff. civil. or moral public assistance of this subdivision can ignore this component of our population and make the highest success. I but convey to you. Mr. President and Directors. the sentiment of the multitudes of my race when I say that in no manner have the value and manhood of the American Negro been more appropriately and liberally recognized than by the directors of this brilliant Exposition at every phase of its advancement. It is a acknowledgment that will make more to cement the friendly relationship of the two races than any happening since the morning of our freedom” ( 1 ) .

He is showing his beliefs that African Americans should take advantage of what they know and strive to stand out in the businesss that they already have alternatively of holding an ageless battle for something. He besides argues that Whites should open their heads and see that African Americans are their Alliess who are willing to make concern and work together in order to hold better life criterions for both. Washington’s skills as a public talker along with his usage of rhetorical schemes such as Sons and ethos. fable. and tone are what made such an impacting and powerful address. This address has a different message than others of this clip and the message slave narrations were giving every bit good. Alternatively of demoing the immoralities of bondage Washington begins his address by stating the inkinesss they should fall in the field of work. This address is non so much turn toing the unhappiness and desolation of bondage more a call to hold the Whites and inkinesss work together to do a better America.

This address came to be known as one of the most influential addresss in history. although the organisers of the expounding worried that “public sentiment was non prepared for such an advanced measure. ” they decided that ask foring a black talker would affect Northern visitants with the grounds of racial advancement in the South. This address had. if non more. of an impact on inkinesss deriving the equality they deserved than that of the slave narrations. They were written otherwise. but they each have the same audience and they are each contending for the same cause. Equality and freedom. Martin Luther King Jr. is a adult male everyone knows. He has made an ageless impact on society. One of the most celebrated addresss to of all time be delivered is his address. “I Have a Dream” . In his address Luther King Jr. provinces. “I have a dream that one twenty-four hours this state will lift up and populate out the true significance of its credo: ‘We keep these truths to be axiomatic: that all work forces are created equal” ( 1 ) . This seems to be the privation of every African American in America.

The same message has been stated with Douglass. Washington. and Harriet Jacobs. They each want so urgently to be treated the same as everyone else. to hold the same rights. to merely be treated as a individual with self-respect and worth. Merely like every address before this 1 it had the same impact on those who heard it. This address touches the Black Marias of everyone who hears it and it makes those who have heard it desire a alteration in this universe. want something better. Not merely does Martin Luther King’s speech entreaty to the scruples of those who hear his words but the same affect is received by the people who read the narratives of former slaves. No 1 can read those narratives and non experience the guilt for the incorrect behaviors of their people. There is a difference in the manner the manner these paperss are presented. each utilizing different words and different techniques to acquire their point across.

This address and others like it have everlastingly impacted society. Throughout history there has been unbelievable battles affecting race and equality. It seems like something that would non be excessively difficult to inquire for. unfortunately it is. and even today people have trouble accepting those who are the most different. Looking at these historic paperss there are elements that would be good to take from and larn from. Each papers portions the same message of equity. equal chance. and the better interaction of others. The difference in the manner they convey their messages shows non all actions need to be voiced by word of oral cavity. The impact these Hagiographas had on society will last everlastingly. it shows that if you stick up for what is right alteration will go on. Possibly the universe we live in could alter for the better and there will eventually be fairness for all.

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