Racism state troopers incident of the NJ turnpike

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The first story takes place in Los-Angeles where Jim Losey is a Police officer who struggles with his own existence as a low-paid worker. He has his own concept of fighting the crime and he is a person who is a bit powerful, hiding behind a badge that hide a real prejudiced person. We believe facts and hate affected his life along the years. At first he was a great cop but now he is racist. He thinks “troubles and crimes” come from black people. We also believe he is not the only one. Fewer articles show us the sad truth. In this case, an article from the New-York Times illustrates perfectly a resemblance.

In April last year, an incident took place in New Jersey. Two state troopers were indicted on attempted murder after a routine traffic stop. Three of four unarmed black people have been shot for no “real” apparent reason. We can easily find few similarities with both cases.

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Jim believes black people should be punished his way and not just put in jail. He even admits he has hurt someone before without being caught. He calls that “tricks”. He probably thinks his badge can protect him, allow him to do certain things or make it easier for him to do those things. He also believes it is right but it is not really right for the majority of us. We can imagine the reason why those state troopers have shot these poor people and used a ridiculous excuse. They probably thought they would get along with that just because they are cops.

Jim also dreams about a life style he does not have and has to blame somebody for it. He directed his anger on colored people and doing that he generalized it the wrong way. He is doing his job with a passion and does not agree with politics. This article shows how much Jim believes the press reviled law enforcers and tries to stop him in his quest.

Two state troopers are sent to jail. We can tell Jim thoughts about it “his friends are sent to jail for doing their duty”. He would probably have taken this cops sides.

He also believes and knows the press is against him and his colleagues. In the article, we can tell which direction is hold and it is not racist.

Once again at the end of the article, we understand the state is willing to change this dark situation by putting a black FBI agent ex-trooper as a superintendent on the turnpike and once again this decision has been taken by Politics. Politics who are one of Jim’s enemy in his pitiable fight against……whom?

An extract from The last Don by Mario Puzo
An article from The New York Times, “2 New Jersey State troopers indicted in turnpike shooting” by Ronald Smothers

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