A Sad Incident In My Life Narrative Essay

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The student recounts a sad incident that happened during a family picnic to a waterfall in Tempter Park Rang. They were excited to be at the waterfall for the first time and after swimming for an hour, they ate some food prepared by their mother. However, their enjoyment was cut short when they saw a crowd of people gathered around a large black plastic bag emitting a foul smell. A brave man opened the bag with a stick, revealing a dead body inside. The police were informed and took the body away for investigation. The incident was scary and sad, and the student concludes that they will never go on a picnic by the waterfall again.

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A sad incident happened in my life, I will never forget that day. Last holiday, my family and I went to picnic by the waterfall that place in Tempter Park, Rang. I was happy because this was the first time picnic by the waterfall. Before going to the waterfall, we packed our tasty food and drinks. After packing our things, we went to the waterfall by my father’s car. After 30 minutes, we reached our destination. We saw white water flowing down from the waterfall. It was so beautiful until I can hardly breath. We put our things under a shady tree.

There were many people in that day because it was a holiday. After wearing our swimming suit, my sister and I jumped into the cold water. We were shivering because the water was as cold as ice. Our mum and dad were hearing the radio while reading some newspapers. After swimming for an hour, we felt hungry and tired. We went to our mat to eat the food that prepared by our mother. The food was nice but suddenly, we saw many people crowded at a spot of a waterfall. Hence, we went to the spot to have a looked at it. There was a big black lactic bag and it has a very stinky smell coming out of it.

A guy that is as brave as a lion went to open the plastic bag with a stick. When he opened the bag, there is a dead body inside. Everybody was stunned to see that. Our parents quickly inform the police. After some minutes, the police came to the spot. The police took the dead body back for investigation. I hope the police will investigate this case as quick as possible. After this incident, don’t dare to go picnic by the waterfall ever again. This is the saddest and scariest incident in my life, will never forget it.

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