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Radio Frequency Identification Tags

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Example#01: RFID in mass –transit

Ever since, the Radio Frequency Identification Tags (RFID) is introduced, there use is being expanding in almost every industry. One of the most successful implementation of RFID is seen in the public transportation system. The public or commuters, instead of traditional ticketing, now carry smartcards with RFID tags attached to it. Oyster is a RFID smartcard that is commonly used in tubes of London. Whenever, people wants to travel in tubes, they only need to swap or pass their card within a certain distance of the sensor installed at the transits, and all their relevant information is stored in their card and are automatically charged as well.

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Radio Frequency Identification Tags
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Thus, RFID reduces the staff required at transits and saves the time of the travelers. These cards have the ability is to store huge amount of data and makes the management and operations easier for the company.

Article: http://rfid.bemrosebooth.com/mass_transit.php

Article: http://www.coofercat.com/node/408

Example#02: Hawk-eye technology in Tennis

Today, the way of sports played has definitely changed and the speed of the game has also increased a lot in the last decade specially. One of the area in sports were technology has really helped is umpiring. In tennis, some controversial mistakes from the officials led to induction of the Hawk-eye technology in 2006. With the help of this, the players are now able to challenge the chair umpire’s decision if they feel that an incorrect call is been made. This has reduced the element of human error, and encourages neutral game. Besides this, with the help of Hawk-eye the instant replies, match statistics, serve stats, speed and many other features can be seen. The Hawk-eye technology is also used in many others sports such as football, hockey, cricket etc.

Article: http://jtsang.blogspot.com/2006/07/technology-in-tennis-hawk-eye.html

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