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While riding down the street in a car, my preferred radio station is KXHT 107.1. This station specifically caters to playing hip-hop and R&B music, with an emphasis on southeastern groups.

I have recently developed an interest in hip-hop, although I have always been a fan of rock since my childhood. This led me to interview a personality from Hot 107, as they are famously known. I was particularly intrigued because Memphis is the first city I have visited that has a station like Hot 107, which exclusively plays rap and R&B. In most other places, mainstream songs are played on dance music stations. Another reason for selecting KXHT was its involvement on the University of Memphis campus. For my assignment, I decided to interview Playboy, one of the daytime radio personalities at Hot 107. Playboy, whose real name is Tre Munson, is a 25-year-old gentleman.

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Currently, he is employed as a radio personality and promotion assistant. He frequently travels for work and performs as a DJ at special events, whether they are live or not. Not long ago, alongside another DJ named Kid Fresh, he co-hosted a step show at the University in front of the UC. Additionally, he has provided DJ services at parties, concerts, charity events, and various other functions. Merely two weeks ago, he even had the opportunity to cover the after party for nationally recognized rap artists Method Man and Red Man. Despite his relatively short time at the station, he has already started climbing the corporate ladder.

Upon arriving at the station, he submitted his application for a job. However, he encountered initial setbacks and had to complete numerous applications. Nevertheless, he persevered by consistently contacting and bothering them until they eventually extended him an offer, albeit not for his desired position – initially, he was merely part of the street team. Nonetheless, he viewed this as a chance to demonstrate his worth and exhibit his abilities to the station. Following several months with the street team, he eventually earned the role of a personality.

At first, he only received part-time and filler assignments, such as covering for the regular DJ during vacations. However, as he gained more experience and understanding of the radio industry, he was eventually promoted to one of the six full-time DJs at KXHT. Despite his love for his current role, Tre’s future aspirations lie outside of radio. He envisions himself working with records and music groups, aiming to become an A&R representative or a tech representative in the future.

Someone who handles all the arrangements between a group and the venue they will perform at or a group and the record label. Ideally, they prefer to work for a major record company because that’s where the significant financial opportunities lie. While they enjoy the music, their main focus is on the financial aspect. It’s amusing when you encounter a radio celebrity because you can never be completely certain if you have actually met the person you believed you had since radio is purely audio. I am thrilled about the valuable insights and knowledge I have gained from this interview experience.

My affection for KXHT 107.1 has only intensified and I sincerely hope that they remain a positive influence on this university and community. Many thanks to Playboy for their exceptional work.

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