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Raisin in the Sun

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“l Have a Dream,” says Martin Luther King Jar. In front of the Lincoln Memorial on August 28, 1963. This is the day when people listen and understand the horrors of segregation and attempt to end it. In Lorraine Handlebars play, “A Raisin in the Sun,” the Younger family is going through the daily trauma of being an African American family during the sass to sass. The family of five live in a cramped apartment in Southeast Chicago and they wait for the $10,000 check from the health insurance to arrive.

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Raisin in the Sun
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As time goes by, the family focuses on the money instead of committing to heir dreams, and those dreams ultimately become deferred dreams. The effects of deferred dreams on the Younger family include; miscommunication, and under appreciation. Miscommunication happens frequently in the Younger household because of their frustration with each other. They live in a very cramped apartment and there are two rooms, a kitchen and a living room, but there is a community bathroom for the entire complex to share.

There is not any privacy in that house, which leads to frustration, which leads to more miscommunication.

Walter Lee Younger is going off about the $10,000 check and what he would do with the money, but that money belongs to Mama. After being told off by Beneath about the money, Walter says , “Nobody in this house is ever going to understand me” (1. 1. 38) because he is frustrated with the fact that no one is supporting his dream and understanding that he needs some of that money in order to achieve it. Once the Youngster’s get the check, Walter becomes obsessed with his dream of having a liquor store and Mama realizes that “something dating you up like a crazy man” (1. . 72). The past couple of years, she is there to observe his behavior and she notices that he gets “all nervous acting and kind of wild in the eyes” (1. 2. 72), since his dreams are being deferred, he starts to become very hostile and impatient. Mama admonishes Walter’s liquor store idea, but he does not listen because he is engulfed by this dream of his. This kind of behavior makes it really hard to communicate with his family. Walter’s dreams aren’t necessarily being deferred, but the longer it takes, the crazier he becomes.

The Younger family is not appreciating each other, or understanding that this money belongs to Mama and they aren’t appreciating the sacrifices their father had to make in order for them to get this money. They didn’t earn it; instead, someone had to die for it. Big Walter works so hard for his family and Mama is ashamed that Walter gives the money “all away in one day’ (2. 3. 129) and how Big Walter is “killing himself” (2. 3. 129) in order to provide for the family. Mama appreciates Big Walter, but the rest of the family does not. Instead, they are Just fighting over the money.

Once the family finds out that Wily Harris stole the money, Walter screams, “THAT MONEY IS MADE OUT OF MY FATHER’S FLESH?” (2. 3. 128) and he finally understands that they have the money because of the loss of their father. He regrets not listening to his family about the liquor store decision, but it is too late. Beneath feels very hostile towards Walter and calls him a “toothless rat” (3. 1 . 144) in disgrace, because her comfort her and realizes that “there’s something wrong in a house?in a world, where all dreams, good or bad, must depend on the death of a man” (3. . 35) and convinces her that there is still hope in the world. They all depend on this money; the family focuses on the money instead of appreciating their father until the capitol is lost. There are very negative effects due to the Younger families deferred dreams. Miscommunication leads to a lot of misunderstanding and frustration. The household is very cramped; making it harder to communicate with each other. Under appreciation of their father and the family occurs when they have the money and become very ambitious.

Instead of us, it is me, where one person puts themselves in Ron of everyone else in order to gain their dreams. As time went on, Walter’s greed and passion for his dream ultimately engulfed him. These are two very major effects that the Younger family experience because of their deferred dreams. Once the family solves these problems, they get back into shape and are ready to start a new life. Dreams are lovely things that give people hope and make them ambitious. Do not set aside those dreams or it might be forgotten. Never lose the dream or it might just dry up like a raisin in the sun.

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