Reaction on Was Rizal an American Sponsored Hero?

Jose Rizal – a name not so uncommon to many Filipinos. Perhaps because of him being the National Hero or because of his great and famous teachings taught to each and every Filipino child. Since the imposition of the compulsory Rizal courses, Rizal has been a part of every Filipino student’s learning journey – inspiring lives, guiding people. However, despite these remarkable works and valiant acts he had demonstrated as well as those teachings he had left for us to ponder upon, there are still some who seem unhappy and discontented with what Rizal had done.

According to them, Rizal’s being a hero should be reconsidered since he became a hero only because the Americans sponsored him as such. The article, “Was Jose Rizal an American Sponsored Hero? ” discussed some facts which proves that Rizal truly deserves what and where he is today – the National Hero of the Philippines. Having read the essay, I noticed that the author had laid several facts to back his points up.

His discussions were articulate and were convincing and due to this, I would have to concur to what the author has been emphasizing throughout the whole essay – that Rizal is not an American sponsored hero. Rizal, as the author explained, was already seen as a hero even before his execution. And he has provided evidences to vouch this claim. And as for the idea that Rizal never had a direct participation in the revolution, yes, that I believe is true. As a matter of fact, Rizal was against it.

But this, I think, is relatively insignificant compared to what Rizal had truly done. Yes, Rizal may not have been a part of the revolution, he may not be one of those Filipinos who raised their bolos to fight for our freedom – but Rizal, he was the one behind those raging emotions of our fighting forefathers. He was the soul of the Revolution, and this alone already puts him as the most qualified person to ever earn the title as the National Hero of the Philippines.

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