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Rizal’s multifaceted aspects include his skills, talents and knowledge about poetry, painting, academics, medicine, philosophy, history, law and international languages. These aspects only prove how intelligent and gifted Rizal is even more when he wrote literary articles to attack the Spanish oppressors in the Philippines. Rizal, as a student, manifested proficiency and excellency because at a very young age, his mother was teaching him basic skills like reading which is very important in his foundation in being such.

He excelled in every class he was in except when he entered the university run by the Dominicans where blood prevails more than performance. As a son, he showed his deep love and reverence for his father by simply obeying what his father tells him. For instance, when he took the course his father wanted him to take. As a brother, Rizal also showed his trust, dependence and love for Paciano. He treated him as his second father for the fact that they have a very huge age gap. They were always by each others’ side. In fact, Paciano is the first and only person who knew about Rizal flying in to Europe.

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As a friend, Rizal expressed his loyalty and friendliness. He gained so many friends and acquaintances in school and even in the foreign countries. One great example is his friendship with Blumentritt. They write letters to each other when they want to discuss about important matters and their closeness reached to the point wherein Rizal gained support for his novel from Blumentritt. Also, he had a great friendship with Taviel despite the fact that he has a Spanish blood. This shows how good Rizal is in making friends. Rizal, as a patriot, served as inspirartion for many Filipinos during his time.

At a young age, he was already awakened by the abusive treatment of the Spanish regime to the Filipino people that was why he vowed that one day, he would compensate to what they did to his fellowmen. He served as the model to the Katipuneros wherein he acted as the stimulator for them to start a revolution. As a writer, he showed his very talent by creating various poems and novels about his experiences and feelings as a Filipino. He was very talented that he had his first poem when he was just seven years old. And as time passed by, he created superb novels attacking the Spanish regime.

These novels were one of the reasons why he was shot to death at Bagumbayan. Rizal too, is one of the best examples of the victims of the brutality of the Spaniards. When he was just a student, he experienced racial discrimination in school. The Spanish teachers got mad at him everytime he showcases his intelligence in class thus, giving him average grades. He also experienced brutality when his mother was arrested by the guardia civil and especially after writing his great novels Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo which brought him to death.

Rizal was not only good in these stuffs but also in making women fall in love with him. Though he was not that handsome, he had girls even from foreign countries fell in love with him because of his great charisma. III. b. The movie has greatly affected my knowledge and feelings of and about Rizal for the reason that it displayed how excellent of a Filipino Rizal is. Honestly, I was not that interested about Rizal because I thought I had enough knowledge about him. But then, I was wrong. The movie somewhat gave me a full look of Rizal’s life. I was really amazed of his intelligence even at a young age.

Rizal inspired me a lot and made me to love my country more. He really is our national hero. The movie justified what I read and hear about him. I praise him for being a good writer, doctor, student and citizen of the Philippines, for he really did a great job for inspiring and stimulating the Filipinos to defend themselves against the abuses of the Spaniards. I realized that he had done so much for the fellowmen, so he deserves to be honored, praised and known. And speaking of knowing him, I now understand that it is very important that we have this course because it informs the youth how great Rizal was.

He is the ultimate reason why our country gained its independence. IV. Historical Authenticity of the Movie V. a. Some parts of the movie that are really facts of history include: 1. ) when Rizal’s mother narrated him a story about the firefly Rizal realized that he was the firefly that his mother was pertaining to. He got so attracted to the light which is his idealism that it brought him death. 2. ) when Rizal went to Binan, Laguna to study He was accompanied by his brother Paciano, and he was very sad to leave for Binan because it was the first time that he would be away from his family. . ) when Rizal studied at Ateneo de Manila University and University of Santo Tomas It is a fact that Rizal gained more knowledge and skills when he entered Ateneo, and he was discouraged to study when he entered University of Santo Tomas due to the racial discrimination existing there. These two universities are still present today.

In fact, Ateneo had a Rizal library that contained vast collection of books about Rizal and even his writings. University of Santo Tomas, on the other hand, had Rizal’s grades displayed on the bulletin board. 4. when Rizal’s mother was arrested for killing her sister-in-law Dona Teodora Alonso, without even giving her a chance to defend herself, was accused and arrested for killing her sister-in-law and was forced to walk a very long distance. 5. ) when Rizal went to Europe to study and to write his novels and he met some significant people in his journeyRizal finished his novels Noli and El Fili in Europe. He didn’t have enough money for the publishing of his book that was why he was financially supported by his brother Paciano and some of his friends. He also met the members of the Propaganda Movement whom he share his vision of his country.

Together, they formed an organization and write some literary articles using their own pen names to protect their identity. 6. ) Rizal’s love affairs It is true that Rizal had a love affair with his cousin Leonor Rivera and with Josephine Bracken. He had a very colorful relationship with Leonor Rivera but fate was not favor to them. After several years, Rizal met the American Josephine Bracken. They lived together even though they were not married. 7. ) Rizal’s arrest and death Rizal was jailed to Fort Santiago and here, he wrote his last poem ?i Ultimo Adios Then, he was brought to Bagumbayan for his execution.

VI. b. The stream of consciousness techinque used in the movie is more of a literary creation. In this scene, Simoun or Crisostomo Ibarra, a character from Rizal’s novel appeared to tell him not to remain passive about the abuses of the Spanish regime. It is because in Rizal’s novels, the main characters always fail to accomplish their plans because the villains always defeat them. Same as what is happening in real life. Rizal didn’t attack the Spanish directly and disagreed with the Katipuneros’ idea to start a revolution because according to him, Filipinos were still not yet ready to fight them.

VII. Characters Choice VIII. a. The characters who explained their roles well were Cesar Montano, Joel Torre, Gloria Diaz, Mickey Ferriols, Chin-chin Gutierrez, Gardo Versoza, Pen Medina and Jhong Hilario. Cesar Montano portrayed Rizal very well. He really acted as if he was really Rizal, and I very much appreciated his acting. His emotions were just exact and not exaggerated. For that, I praise him. Joel Torre really amazes me whenever he portrays the role of Crisostomo Ibarra or Simoun. He gets me carried away whenever the scene is sad and depressing. He is does very good when he portrays dramatic roles like this.

Gloria Diaz also astonished me with her acting because she did very well in portraying Teodora Alonso’s role. I indeed felt sorry for her when she got arrested by the guardia civils and when he pleaded the governor-general to let go of Rizal. The other characters namely Mickey Ferriols, Chin-chin Gutierrez, Gardo Versoza, Pen Medina and Jhong Hilario also had a great jod in portraying their respective roles. They were the ones who brought life to the movie because of acting like the situation was for real. Without these supporting characters, the story would not be then appreciated.

IX. b. I think everyone did a great job in performing their roles. The success of the movie should be attributed to all the characters of the film, for they indeed portrayed their roles as if they were the real persons who they depict. X. Style of presentation XI. a. The flashback style succeeded in making me understand certain scenes in the movie that I didn’t understand. For example, when the movie started when Rizal was already an adult then, the scene shifted in his childhood. The flashback helped me recall what happened in the childhood days of Rizal that made him what he is now.

Another example was when Rizal contradicted the idea of the Katipuneros to revolt against the Spanish regime. At first, I was confused if Rizal really had a connivance with the Katipuneros. Good thing the flashback made everything clear to me. XII. b. The stream of consciousness techinque expressed what Rizal had on his mind at that time. It showed that he was having a difficult time of what to do. It was as if he was regretting what he wrote on the El Fili. His conscience, represented by Simoun, was telling him that it was not too late to fight for what he think is right. I think this is the secret behind Rizal’s Mi Ultimo Adios.

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