Rizal`S Life Reaction Paper

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When her mother, Deodorant Alonzo or Also known as Allay taught him and his brothers and sisters to read, write and also how to pray and help to their house hold choirs. Because of his mother he was able to write and read. Through reading and writing Racal’s knowledge will grow. And that’s the start of Racal’s Life. Although their family is not that rich, it is important to grab the opportunity in learning because you will use it someday. Also learning can change your life.

Jose Racial Mercado: Tenanting Proportions: Racal’s finished his secondary course and go back again in Atone to study again as a college student. Finishing the secondary level of his study, his knowledge grows again. Because of this he always won a price every semester. And big opportunity rise again he wrote a poem that was presented during his college graduation. Because of his wisdom he awarded 5 medals at ages of 15. It is important because at a very early age he already has the knowledge and strength.

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Although he was only 15, ND only a Filipino In Atone. It is not a barrier for him to attain his goal but he took this as a challenge and also a stepping stone for his success. Patting as Lillian Eng dong at digit Racial praised Ulna and Hidalgo for their success in painting. After that, Racial didn’t know that praising the two artists in painting has a bad impact to the Philippines. Because if this issue the price of sugar in the market fall down and many were affected to this issue. Racal’s name was trending in the Philippines.

It is dangerous for him to go back in the Philippines. So her mother decides to him not to go home but continue his studies in Europe although he already got his license in medicine. Also this is the start of Racal’s rivalry to some “prayer” Nag alizarin patting as align Racial goes to Paris to publish his writings and to pay less in publishing. It is important because in Paris he is now active in La Solidarity. Through his writing he is protecting and defending the Filipino people who are victims of violence.

Racal’s is a wrought hero, he defend our country not in his own hand of violence but in his hand of writings. Adaptation at dill Racial gave the lamp to his sister and said there is something inside. It contains his last poem for his family and friends. This scene is the most important because through lamp he is saying sorry to her family friends because of what Racal’s done. And after they read writings in the poem, he has been executed. And for my opinion why lamp? Because after his dead maybe the ashes will go to that lamp but the dead body was not given to his Tamil.

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