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The film showcased the patriotism and life story of Dr. Jose Rizal, our national hero. The characters acted wholeheartedly with their roles and the settings showed the Philippines under Spanish colony. Rizal’s childhood and adolescence were highlighted, and it was inspiring to see how he handled bullying by his classmates and continued to strive for his dreams. He attended prestigious universities around the world and wrote famous novels like Noli and El Filibusterismo to expose the cruelty and greediness of the Spanish friars. The film emphasized that Rizal deserved to be recognized as a true Filipino hero.

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The film was so very awesome by emphasizing the patriotism of our national hero who was Jose Protacio Rizal Mercardo y Alonzo Realonda also known as Dr. Jose Rizal. I appreciated the film because the characters act nicely and wholeheartedly with their roles also by the characters who speak Spanish language and the settings of every scene is showing me the face of the Philippines when it’s under the Spanish colony.

It shows Rizal’s childhood years and he’s adolescence, I am very amaze on how Rizal handled his studies when he was bullying by his classmates who are not a Filipino, Rizal din not show any discouragement instead he show’s an encouragement for him to finish his study and show that even he’s a Filipino he can achieved he’s dream and become a role model for the other’s I remember the scene where he was in his childhood years his professor give him a punishment because he cant speak Spanish very well and then his classmates is bullying him but then instead of staying at their home and not to go to school to avoid he’s classmates he study more and harder to become the superior one. And on his college life he attended the ateneo Municipal de manila, earning a bachelor of arts. And enrolled medicine at the University of Santo Tomas. he continued his studies at the Universidad central de Madrid in Madrid Spain, earning the degree of licentiate in medicine he also attended the university of paris and earned a second doctorate at the university of Heidelberg.

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The very known writings of rizal was the “Noli” and ” El Filibustirismo” the friars say’s that the book noli mi tangere is a book where rizal is showing his anti-catholic side but the main reason why Rizal wrote the Noli is to expose the cruelty, greediness, religion as a business and power are the things he himself didn’t want. The friars use their powers to the “ignorant” minds of the Filipinos. Another novel, the ” El Filibusterismo,” once again, was shaken the Spaniards, this time, the book affected greatly towards them. The film made a verification that Rizal is the only Filipino who deserved to have such honors and recognitions. Also, I learned the he as a human being had failures and bad things in life. Rizal, as a person could commit mistakes.

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