Reaction paper in ethics

Man’s duty to God

Man was created by God as the crown of all his creation, in God’s image and after His likeness with a reasonable soul, to rule on God’s behalf over all creation. Man forfeited this high privilege on account of his sin and the breaking of the covenant of works. Thus man became blind and ignorant; God had to speak to him in order to instruct him and bring him back to a right knowledge of God and his will. Naturally, the first and primary duty is for man to repent, to turn to God from idols to serve the living and true God. God commands all men everywhere to repent. A repentance that is genuine and credible by having good works. Repentance is man’s duty; he is held responsible to repent, though in his fallen state, he cannot repent or convert himself unless God convert him. The first duty of every human being is to God who created us. Everyone and every thing belongs to him. Therefore, our duty is to worship him, to glorify him, to praise him, to honour him, to follow in his ways by obeying him, and in general to reflect his character in our lives so that others will be led to do the same thing. In Christ, in the power of the Holy Spirit, it becomes possible to fulfil this, even though as sinful human beings in our own power we cannot. Our duty to God is to do what we know is right because it is right and for no other reason.

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Some people, who don’t like to do what they know is right, make a great fuss about the difficulty of knowing what is right and what isn’t. But this is only because they really don’t want to do what is right so much as to do what they like, and so deceive themselves into thinking that they don’t know. It is also true that we lose the power to see clearly and to distinguish easily between right and wrong by getting into the habit of doing wrong and so getting accustomed to it. Things that we do continually, even when they are very wrong, begin to seem all right after awhile, especially if we see other people doing them too.

Worship is the praise of God and one’s beliefs. Worship is a set of actions that are set forth to proclaim how a person feels regarding God or any thing a person looks highly upon. There are many parts to worship. Some of these parts consist of rituals, symbolism and personal actions as wellWhen a person worships they must first decide what is important to them.Once this object or idea is determined then the next step is to setup a routine.A routine is steps that one feels show there feelings toward there God or Idol. Worship is a major part of a human behavior called ritual studies. For something to be a ritual it must consist of a behavior, repetitive by nature, and it must be a social activity that benefits the community.Every religion has customs that define it and keep it separate from all other religions. Many major religious groups share traditions and worship in similar ways. While some people have personal worship rituals, every person has a relationship with God. Any action taken to show feelings in this relationship is worship. Worship is the actions one shows toward God,These actions can be done in a group or in an individual manner. As far as Christian worship is concerned all religions share similarities and differences.If a person is Christian they are worshiping God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. When worshiping to God, it’s like a launguage between you and God. no one can understand it exept for you and him cause it’s the connection that makes you feel free when you worship him. this language can be through drawing, painting, danceing, singing, writing, ect.


In society, lying is a common behavior and it is also a part of human nature. We don’t need to take any classes or call someone to teach us about it. Therefore, honesty is being replaced by lying because people only look out for themselves. Hence, it is much easier to lie because we want to fix the trouble in our lives and to escape the bad consequences. The lies can be separated into two kinds, black lies and white lies. Black lies will hurt the people involved while white lies are often used to protect others to make them feel better. In short, we are trying to lie because of reasons, such as to cover the truth, for own selfish gain, run away from punishment
or protect others. People lie everyday, when we arrived late, we lie to our parents about going to a friend’s house to discuss the assignment until late night. We want to cover up the truth so that we do not get in trouble. We are scared to tell the truth and face the consequences. A person who lies may not have done anything wrong, but would rather make up a story to protect himself/herself. So, we try to cover the truth in order to avoid the consequence. Otherwise, many people lie for their own selfish gain such as for self-defense or to present a good image in front of the others. They lie for their own benefit. This is because when we been caught, what can do? We Lie. For example, some children will lie to their parents about how much of their homework they have done or they praise by the teacher to present a good image. Others, when assignment deadline is coming soon, we always say that we almost done it that group leader asked when the truth is we haven’t even started yet. This is because we just looking out of ourselves benefit and to avoid the consequences. Lies are morally wrong, then, for two reasons. First, lying corrupts the most important quality of my being human: my ability to make free, rational choices. Each lie I tell contradicts the part of me that gives me moral worth. Second, my lies rob others of their freedom to choose rationally. When my lie leads people to decide other than they would had they known the truth, I have harmed their human dignity.


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