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Reaction Paper: Sound and Fury

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Reaction Paper: Sound and Fury

The Sound and Fury, released in 2000, is an award-winning documentary film that allows viewers, more particularly the hearing viewers, to have a glimpse into the quiet and seemed peaceful world of the deaf. It is an informative clip that explicitly displays the struggle of a family over the implant of cochlear, a device that has the power of making a deaf person hear and learn to talk. The gadget is considered long overdue but some in the deaf community have the fear that it may cause the destruction of their language and lose their identity that they have been accustomed to.

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Reaction Paper: Sound and Fury
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Peter Artinian is the main protagonist who strongly resents cochlear implant for fear of losing his daughter to the mainstream.

The characters of the film are divided over the issue: the side of Peter (including the deaf community who opposes cochlear implant) and the side of the cochlear implant. The filmmakers are clever enough to avoid bias by presenting both parties fairly.

Viewers witness the “ranting” of Peter as he expresses, through sign language, his fervent opposition on the cochlear. His perspective on the issue is supported by the deaf community as they gather one day for a picnic in the park. The rapid movements of their hands and fingers, accompanied by occasional mouthing of words, stress a point that they are happy being deaf and cochlear implant can wipe out the entire population of the deaf. On the other hand, the success of the operation of Chris’ child is a concrete proof that supports the technical side. It is reinforced further by the encouragement of Chris and his parents for a cochlear implant on Heather.

I heard about cochlear implant before and dismissed it as an ordinary hearing aid. After watching this film, though, I realized it is more advanced. Unlike the ordinary hearing aid, cochlear is implanted inside the ear, can discriminate sounds and does not amplify sound but simulate the nerves to hear auditory signals. It is an unbelievable technology. A minor setback,

though, may impede deaf people, especially the marginalized ones, to use this. It is very

expensive. Aside from that, the success of cochlear implant can make the fear of Peter and the rest of the community real: The deaf population will be wiped out. However, it is for the positive aspect. There is far more advantages and benefits of a hearing person than of a deaf one.

On the other side of me, I understand Peter’s dilemma. The fear of losing his daughter to the hearing world is just minor. In reality, Peter is afraid that he himself will be lost if the cochlear succeeds. He cannot imagine a life outside the deaf community, his comfort zone. He fears that he may not find a place and be left out in the hearing world which will be major adjustment for him. The thought of losing the things he enjoys in his world, including little prominence that he built, makes him very furious with the cochlear implant.

This film will serve as an eye-opener especially to those people who view technology as a moral issue. It is not a matter of losing anything or wiping the entire deaf population. If you can see an opportunity to make the life of your children or your love ones easier, why not grab it? Whatever the outcome may be, they are still a part of your family.

I like the part where Heather requests for a cochlear implant from her parents. At a very young age, she dreams of deviating from the “quiet” world they have been dwelling in for years. She is admirable. However, I feel disgusted with Peter as he strongly rejects the request of his daughter for a cochlear implant. The child wants to hear and explore the limitless possibilities the hearing world can offer, but the father turns it down! Is he a loving parent or what?

Today, Peter, Nita and all the Artinian children are enjoying cochlear implants and doing well in the mainstream. Heather is getting high grades in school and exploring the athletics field. As for Chris and Mari, they say that the film teaches them a good lesson that everyone has a right to make his own decision and that must be respected.


Sound and Fury (2000). Directed by Josh Aronson. Aronson Film Associates.


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