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Reflection on Movie Real Women Have Curves

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  • Pages 3
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    Connection To Real Women Have Curves
    In the movie Real Women Have Curves multiple obstacles that may impact a student’s possibility of continuing with his or her education are clearly pointed out. In the movie Real Women Have Curves there is Ana, a character in the movie that has the opportunity to continue her education after high school by attending a university but, has to work as a seamstress with her mother and sister. The one issue that I can relate to is that like Ana I have had to go to work with my father. In a home were the parents are the head they have complete authority and roles which include providing food to sustains ones appetite providing a place to live in, providing items that one can not obtain without their help. For the most part one as a child who is not bringing in an income does not have much of a say in the home. Often one income is not enough money in a home and therefore in the movie both of Ana’s parents work. In my home my mom stays at home and manages to care for all her children.

    My father goes to work and provides for the ones at home. Ignacio, my father is very proud of having a job and believes in going to work every day that one is assigned to work. My father works as a self-independent contractor who makes home deliveries possible for Best Buy. Home deliveries need a team of two in order to complete the delivery. No being in existence is known to be perfect yet, showing up to work on scheduled days is possible with objective knowledge that circumstances were one might not be able to show up to work is possible. Alex, my dad’s delivery partner who he needs to complete the home deliveries. Alex has the tendency to call out on the last minute and leave my dad with a route for two men to complete. Just like Ana my parent, in this case father looks for help in me.

    I am the first person my dad gives a call to see if I can be the shoulder he can lean on for help. My father being a very responsible man would hate to leave the route behind and have best buy’s customers upset. I receive a call usually some time between four thirty in the morning and six thirty in the morning. My phone might ring once or it might ring various times before my body acknowledges the fact that I have an incoming call at such an early time. Hearing my dad’s voice quickly gets me into my full five senses. I am my dad’s oldest son and I feel like he really sees me as the guy who will fight war by his side. In a sense I feel obligated to not let him down when I hear him asking for my help. My dad says, “ Cris my worker didn’t show up can you come and work with me”. Without hesitation I reply, “ Yes, dad I can go to work with you”. Both of us know that I have school to attend on that certain day in which he has asked for my help.

    Parents and children have a mutual relationship in the sense that they rely on each other for help. A child will always look for their parent when they find themselves in trouble. Parents will look out for the best of their children by all means. There comes a point were parents look for their children’s help. Grown children just like parents are there to help out their parents at a specific point in life. In my case I have had to help my dad complete his daily task, which is making sure all of the appliances that are on his truck get delivered to the corresponding owners. Ana’s mom seeks for help in Ana just like my father looks for the help he needs in me. As a grown child one needs to look at the cost and benefit of the actions being taken on a daily basis. Helping out ones parents is not of much benefit if it is costing one the absence of education.

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