Movie Reflection: “Silent Hill”

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Last week I have watched a few movies, but I found only one movie very interesting. This movie is called “Silent Hill”. This movie carries 3 important points which can attract my mind. First, it hides a mystery. It seems that there is a terrible place where there are a lot of monster, but we can’t know clearly where it is. This place always appears when a girl, who is the most important actress, walks or goes somewhere alone, and it always appears in her dream as well. But it disappears when the real people come near her.

It frightens her every day and night. That place is very strange. Second, this movie shows the bravery of the girl. She dares go to find her father at that strange place although she knows that it is dangerous, for she wants to help her father who was caught by the monster there. She decided without hesitation, and then she started her adventure. Finally, she found a coin which can show her the way to go to that place that is called “Silent Hill”. She is a very brave girl. Third, this movie shows the deep love of daughter to father, and husband to wife.

The love between daughter to father is when the girl dares risk her life to help her father from the silent hill. Another one, the love between husband to wife is that her father decides to continue to live in a silent hill to find his wife, who is caught into the silent hill for a long time ago, although his daughter can help him go out. So that at the end of the story, her father still lives in silent hill and let her come out. It is so sensitive. I really like this movie, and I will watch it again when I have time.

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