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We have read about the persecution of the early saints In your text, researched various saints and watched the film Roomer. The willingness of some Christians to give their lives for the faith did not end with the early Church. Research a modern day martyr or a current event that parallels the persecution theme we have been learning about. Include answers to the following questions in your reflection. 1. What scenes in Roomer affected you the most? Why? 2. What inspires you about the early saint and the modern day martyr or current vent you researched?

Why? 3. Review the themes of Catholic social teachings. Which theme are you most passionate about? Why? 4. As an adult Christian, what would you be willing to do to stand up for your faith and support whatnot believe in? Begin this paragraph with “l believe… ” Please answer In paragraph form (one paragraph for each point). Your reflection should be at least one page typed. All of the scenes In Roomer had a big effect on my perspective. Throughout the movie, you see Roomer go through a lot of change and evolve into someone no one Hough he could be.

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No one wanted Roomer to be elected, assuming he was a passive leader who could not do much good for them. One scene in particular that really challenged this idea was the scene when Roomer went into the church that was guarded by the military to retrieve the Eucharist that had been shot at. After the soldier asked him to leave, but Roomer ended up returning to collect every piece of Eucharist. Roomer risked his life to do this and distribute It. This scene is when you see Roomer have a major turning point. It was a crucial time for Roomer to prove myself to the people of the church.

He took this opportunity to risk everything for the people and prove that he was willing to go to great lengths for what he stood for. Just Like Roomer, the saint I researched stood up for what he believed. Saint Michael was one of the seven archangels. He fought in a war against hell and the devil, for heaven. A modern day martyr, or group I thought of was those in the Middle East effected by radical Islamic groups. There are people around the world, like these people, who die every day. These people affected are persecuted for things that we hint of as natural rights.

The people who are targeted never give up hope in supporting what they believe in. One thing that we seem to disregard and forget about today is respect for God’s creation. This seems like one of the many things that society today has neglected. We are all blessed with so many technological advancements that we forget about the natural world. We take what God has created for granted. We should show appreciation for Cod and all that has been given to us by respecting and caring for everything he has left behind.

This would be an easy task if even small measures I believe that there are many things that different people are passionate about and hold close to their heart. From time to time we see people standing up for other people or little things. I do not think anyone would know what they would stand up for until they were faced with that situation. Everyone has different viewpoints and strong passions but I don’t think these would really be revealed until people were facing this situation. I do not know what I would stand up for until it came time to actually stand up for it.

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