Reality Television – Strong Influence on Our Society

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Reality television has strong influence and damaging effects on our society. But let’s face it, we feed on the drama. We love to absorb another life other than our own. Along with it comes the misconception of reality which distorts how one believes they have to behave to gain fame or attention. Reality television is bad for culture because it only elevates money, beauty, and fame above other qualities by promoting inappropriate behavior such as bullying, casual sex, alcohol abuse and bad language. The media plays a major role in selling this trash in order to increase revenue.

Reality tv has a strong impact on our society because it distorts our view of reality. It pollutes our minds with Knowledge, attitudes, values, and behavior that are influenced by exposure to reality television and deemed acceptable by society. Our culture serves up degradation as a form of entertainment. Such shows incorporate inappropriate behavior such as bullying, scheming, and manipulating in order to get ahead or get the guy/girl. This is extremely harmful to children and teens because at this age they are seeking out their personal identities and starting to develop relationships with family, friends, and the opposite sex.

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They indentify with the media for what’s cool and look up to these public figures for how they should act, dress, talk etc. One example how these shows are negative would be MTVs Parental control, where the parents are unhappy with their child’s current choice of whom in which they’re dating. So, they get to choose who they assume would be a better choice for their child. While doing so, their current significant watches as they bf/gf go on a dates with their parent’s choices. This usually results in disrespect and bad mouthing to the parents from the current bf/gf.

Some of the stuff is appalling that is said and sexually suggested to a teen audience. Not only do these shows encourage inappropriateness it creates drama because drama creates attention that we all crave at times. Other shows spotlight this lavish lifestyle and make the common person believe that they do can live this life if they model these infamous characters behavior and they too can receive stardom for random careless acts. It mainly bases stardom on physical appearance and how far you will go for the prize whether it be 100,000 or the rich husband.

It makes us all superficial, materialistic and really unrealistic. Fall in love in 8 weeks, give me a break. But it’s entertaining and does suck us in. The contestants on these shows contribute to the ideology of competitive elements and stereotyping over working. What kid would want to go to school if he could party all day and have a rich bf gf and receive fame for it as well. I think we all seek another unrealistic lifestyle and these reality shows are giving our youth the message that if they act according they may too receive fame.

Although, such shows demonstrate negative values ans are corrupting our youth and perception on things, the media is making money and doesn’t see these shows as negative only a positive asset to their bank account. The media has definitely altered the baseline of civility because money rules all things. The cost for these shows and their content are nothing but cheap. According to a recent article by Laurie Hibberd, she suggests cost has much to do with it. Reality shows cost an average of 400,00 to produce and gain up to 2 million for a dramatic series (Hibberd2002. It’s the less expensive option and ratings sky high , why wouldn’t; they keep these drama on the air. They may lack moral and values but big companies are not bothered by this only bothered by financial gain. Also big companies and organizations back these productions up with service or merchandise. Their only motive is to market their products and services, not to improve quality of programs. For instance, a clothing label may give out merchandise hoping this may promote their brand. If the reality stars are wearing it, the kids will want to wear it as well.

They don’t care what else the show may promote as long as its promoting their brand and resulting in an increase in sales. Reality television I believe has such a negative impact on society because it makes us believe that we can see ourselves on tv. That if we fit the profile that we too may receive stardom. But on the same not it makes us believe that our lives aren’t normal and maybe even boring which may even cause more drama in our life. Also, the media’s interest in making money is a contributing factor to wht such behavior these shows represent are coming into the norm.

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