Reasons for Racism

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People share the mutual yet distinguishing anatomical building.

The basic structure and physiology is unchanging in the different individuals of the human race. Regardless of sharing such remarkable consistency, not all the personalities showcase respect towards other human beings. Yet we are all different in many ways such as skin colour, beliefs, appearance, physical abilities and many other such factors. The key variations in appearance of people fragment of a certain race are only due to geographical and some environmental influences.

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The idea that a certain race or type of people being better than other human states and describes the term ‘racism’.Moreover the question in mind now is why are people racist?There are a few reasons for this case which some consider a mental illness in severe conditions .But don’t get me wrong most or the majority of the cases are no illness, but some say it a case of fear. That raciest people are afraid of things they don’t understand, and are terrified of confronting the way they feel.

Subconsciously, they know they’re wrong but they simply can’t face that fact. So it makes them angry. And since they’ll never take that anger out on the real problem (their ignorance), they take it out on what they perceive is the problem other races.An additional reason is our views and beliefs develop as we grow up.

If a child or young person grows up within a racist family, or has friends who are racist, they may believe that racism is normal and acceptable. Prejudice of any kind is often based on ignorance and fear of anything unfamiliar.Racism in the modern lifeIn the current periods, a lot has changed. No one is treated like a slave.

The worldwide and native regulation is severe and forbids any kind of slavery act. The salaries are salaried on the foundation of effort and not the background. Robust laws were made and applied all over the globe. The governments of America, Africa and Asian nations made thoughtful efforts to eliminate any kind of ethnic discrimination existing in the society.

The results are inspiring. The situation has improved a lot. But in certain countries racism does exist in one form or the other.How to prevent racismRacism, Discrimination, Prejudice are all one and the same and can all be discontinue.

There are numerous methods to grasp this goal in our lifetime and it can be accomplished thought solid work and determination. First individuals have to stand up for them self and this does not mean “fighting” but it means being satisfied, honoured and proud of who you are as a unique individual and not being nervous in addition to hiding from your problem.Then there is how to stop discrimination in a community and what we need to stand up agent racism and those who are raciest. The world has changed in our modern life and now thanks to the internet and many other useful technology’s the whole world has become one big community.

To help this community we needs to unite and take stand agents racism by helping those who are benign bullied by raciest people and then it’s essential to come closer as a community this can be accomplished by us learning things about each other and each other’s ethnicity and remove the barrier of ignorance between us so that the community can become a place where everyone can live equally .In conclusion Racism is morally, socially and scientifically wrong. The more we realize that we are all of “one blood,” the more peace, freedom, and opportunity all human being in our society and in the globe. Consequently I request the entire human race in the world to stop ,and think and reasonFor an instant before saying something offences and think how it will make you feel.

Furthermore please I ask try your best to stop racism all over the world because a racism free place is a happy, cheerful, joyful place. And I am unquestionably sure that every person who is reading this article is going to make the right decision and attempt to assistance and help to stop racism in their community and in the world .

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