Reasons Why Athletes Use Anabolic Steroids

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There are several reasons why athletes still use anabolic steroids. Let me elaborate further. Experts say that this enhances muscle mass, as well as, strength (Mayo.., 2006). Such occurs because testosterone is the major anabolic hormone formed by the body and the aforementioned has two major effects as well (Mayo.., 2006). The first one is involved with muscle building and the second one is accountable for the voice (which is typically deep) & hairy face, which are technically referred to as anabolic effects and androgenic effects respectively (Mayo.., 2006).  Furthermore, anabolic steroids are extremely advantageous to athletes because: 1) it physically makes it possible for the muscles to become bigger; 2) it plays a large role in the recovery of an athlete from an extremely tiring workout since it lessens the damage in the muscles as workout occurs; 3) it makes athletes more forceful when they take in such (Mayo.., 2006).

Side Effects/Disadvantages

There are disadvantages of taking “anabolic steroids” though and some of these are the following: men may loose their hair; men may have larger breasts; testicles of men may actually shrink; men may become high-pitched when they speak; men may develop problems related to infertility; women may develop a voice that’s more appropriate for men; women may have a clitoris that’s larger than usual; women may have more body hair than usual; women may turn out bald; women may have more desire to eat than usual; both males and females may experience emergence of severe acne; both males and females may develop liver problems, as well as, liver tumors; the LDL/bad cholesterol may be greater than before; the HDL/good cholesterol may lower because of it;  both genders may exhibit aggression/violent behaviors; depression and other psychiatric disorders may slowly develop; and last but not least; it is possible that both genders will be addicted to it and become dependent on it sooner or later (Mayo.., 2006).

Banning of Steroids

            There are several medical uses of anabolic steroids and even though there are side-effects or disadvantages, I believe that it should not be totally banned. I can agree with certain regulations but not totally banning it.


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