Reclaiming Domineering Protest

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Wealthy social orders with productive wellbeing frameworks, may be fruitful in getting their citizens to remain at domestic, work viably and may be able to dodge unemployment emergency for those at require, whereas not much moved forward societies are in an extraordinary havoc. The number of persons who passed away is rising so quickly and it is influencing all sorts of people especially to those that has failure to bear quality wellbeing care.

But how might other people stand by where others are starving to passing? What is nice to have something extra on the off chance that other individuals don’t have sufficient? What is nice to save for tomorrow on the off chance that others don’t have anything for nowadays? In reality, disparities have been there since then before this kind of crisis happened, but presently it is persistently expanding.

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The foremost deluding bromide with this coronavirus is that, it reasonably treats us all were in reality it is the most prominent intensifier of imbalance since this infection is uncovering the elemental imbalances in our society, diverse sorts of disparities such as systemic imbalance, social inequality and so on in which marginalized individuals persevering the bulk, numerous powerless individuals cleared out within the open space where it is no place to self-isolate since having a lack of secure place which can be called their own shelter to live in.

Manila Bulletin – The representatives endorsed the Senate Bill No.1418 – the “Bayanihan to Heal as One Act of 2020” – it places the entire nation beneath a state of national crisis. It looks for to designate cash, reserves, and ventures held by any government-owned and controlled organization (GOCC) or any national government office as fundamental to address the wellbeing crisis.

The monetary assistance is ceaselessly given in numerous locales within the Philippines to those individuals who are qualified and that are going to receive cash assistance with an amount of PHP 5,000 – 8,000 a month. It makes a difference in each person to briefly support their needs. On the contrary, it cannot be denied that there are still systemic disparity happening, an expanding not reasonable treatment to all.

There are still individuals who are taking away the rights of others to get the Social Amelioration Program and just profiteering their own. Another thing is with regards to the education right now, there are still online classes happening to a few private schools in order to catch up their classes, make the students learn something more despite the crisis, and of course to review their students well.

Consequently, other individuals keep on assaulting their challenges towards those people who were within the higher positions within the government. A part of domineering dissents that this widespread is making these sorts of imbalances that’s rising so rapidly. It can truly be observed if all the individuals are that keen enough with what’s happening right now within the society they are living.

Regarding with the employment, those workers having informal employment face higher exposure to different risks. They are more likely to experience health shocks related to Covid-19. Yes, there is what we called Social Amelioration Program (SAP), in which those people who are qualified to receive financial assistance can definitely have it. But the concern here is, the reduction of their economic activities and earnings with no income replacement solution would have a great impact.

Millions of people lost their jobs and now suffering. The world of work needs urgently equitable and inclusive policy responses because this pandemic is a matter of life and death. Too many people are desperate for food, other people even died because of famine. Inequalities in income, and inequalities regarding with the labor and education have built the barricades for everyone to collaborate in the economic growth. This is in a large part due to issues pertaining to distribution.

With that, there are still people who have taken away the rights to receive the financial assistance by the government especially in the provinces. In terms of health facilities, it isn’ta humane one when some hospitals would not accept the patients because of their different reasons. Just like what happened on the news that, a husband wasn’t given good facilities to save the life of his wife, instead they were being referred to other hospitals over and over again until his wife did not survive.

Another is, in terms of education, such inequality is being observed through the online class happening to some private schools, it isn’t fair to other students because of having no financial resources for technologies, no internet access, and other financial support.

Though it was fine to submit the activities when classes resume, it is not that fair because there are incentives that will be given to those students who will pass earlier. If only all the students have the access, for sure they will pass on time. All of that systemic inequalities are not just true for this country the Philippines, but it is also true with all the countries all over the world. For instance, based on the statistical data that are being affected the coronavirus, the Latino Americans are much more being hit than whites.

In the final analysis, the inequality of the financial distribution, the unfair treatment of some medical facilities, the inequalities when it comes to education, and other taken opportunities that was supposedly to be given to those in a great need were much more making the inequality to rapidly increase. The growing inequality has now become life threatening for those lacking controllable space, or just simply a roof over their heads. And it is one of the harsh realities in our society today, there is a scourge of inequality. The pandemic can mean catastrophic poverty and higher risk of mortality and a cascading impact to some individuals. It actually examines how disparities in opportunities across rural/urban areas and between the different status of society being into. Now, what genuinely would you want to fight for?

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