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Recruitment as Benefits of Volunteering

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    When combining the collaborative minds of managers and employees, multiple difficulties may occur. In this case, amongst a dispute-resolution panel, certain challenges range from simple disagreement, to undermining or loss of authority. Dispute-resolution panel can be explain in the text by Certo (2016) as follows:

    The peer/management dispute-resolution process brings together a panel of employees and managers, with the employees being the majority. The panel cannot change company policies or work rules. Rather, they address whether the people in the situation they are reviewing were correctly applying company policies and rules. (p. 88)

    Working within this type of panel that includes both managers and employees may result in the employee’s fear of repercussions. Fearing these repercussion lead to an overall faulty panel. Kodak must address these issues initially when beginning the development stages of the panel so there leaves no room for error or confusion in the later stages of problem solving. Simply communicating the boundaries and rules of the panel should negate challenges. If challenges do seem to still arise, offer feedback after each panel adjourns, offering panel members room to improve.

    There are many advantages to engaging in a volunteer method versus a hiring method when forming the panel. The greatest advantage, simply being when taking volunteers, you can be confident in knowing those people truly wish to be there; hopefully for the right reasons. Volunteering offers numerous benefits such as staff morale and work performance (Howard 2015). Howard (2015) also speaks into depth about staff retention and recruitment as benefits of volunteering:

    According to the Corporate Leadership Council, employees who are most engaged with their employer perform 20% better and are 87% less likely to leave the organization. A recent PwC study (2014) found that more than half of r4ecent college graduates are seeking a company that has corporate social responsibility values that align with their own and 56% would consider leaving a company that didn’t have the values they expected.

    Employees and managers that volunteer for this panel, knowing that it may raise slight controversy amongst other employees, must be determined in bettering the company. Those are the types of volunteers a company, like Kodak, must strive to retain. However, disadvantages may also arise. Leaving attendance voluntary might result in a lower number turn out. Every company has one, a bad guy (or girl) that doesn’t necessarily have the companies best interest at heart. One may join such a panel as an immature ploy to cause problems amongst the panel itself or cause conflict when trying to reach a decision. Often, this bad guy can make situations more difficult than necessary.

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