Reflection on Microeconomics Class

The study of this subject is one that is highly valuable for any studying business with the provision of knowledge that will increase understanding of different influences and support the decision making processes. With the knowledge gained, along with the skills in applying that knowledge developed through class work and exercises for the different modules, there has also been the development of increased confidence, both personal and in the theories, in using the relevant concepts and tools in a practical setting. Some of the most important knowledge gained for practical purposes concerned the concept and application of supply and demand. Anecdotal evidence of supply and demand can be seen all around us; including the way that gasoline prices increase and decrease as a result of the way oil prices, which resulted in a basic understanding of the underlying concept. Other areas where this can be seen include examples such as the stock market and even web sites such as eBay with the auction of goods. However, the ability to understand the way this operates not only helps to explain the observed outcomes, the ability to use this to help predict potential outcomes for different scenarios is highly useful. The concepts of elasticity and cross elasticity with different influences, such as disposable income and competing products are all…


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