Reflective Account – Personal Story

After hand-over I and my colleague was assigned for top floor. We decided to give personal care to Mr P. I knocked the door of Mr P’s room, with his permission we entered in the room. I said good morning and asked if he is ready to get up. He was very cheerful and agreed to get up. I asked Mr P if he will like to access the toilet first. I made sure this was done in the privacy of the his room using his preferred method of communication which is spoken words. Mr P said that he would like to use commode, so I assisted him with the support of my colleague to move him from her bed to the commode.

I washed my hands and I put on PPE (gloves aprons) and explained Mr P that it’s meant to prevent infection from spreading. I checked the care plan to ensure there are no changes or information I need to be aware of for example the risk assessment any communication needs or personal care needs. I also confirmed with my colleague if there is any information that I need to know before we carry out any activities at work. I checked the surrounding in the bed room for anything that can cause itself as a hazard like his walking frame and other furniture such as tables and chairs.

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I rearranged the environment along with my colleague to create enough space for the hoist and easy movement and checked that hoist is clean and working. I informed Mr P about the process of moving him to the commode with use of the hoist. I assure him of his safety before and during the move. He gave us his consent to move him using hoist. I asked Mr P to sit up a little on his bed as my colleague and I put the sling behind his back to ensure that he is supported appropriately while in the hoist. Then I check that the hoist is working properly before hanging the sling on the hoist.

While he was in the hoist I tried to move him in a way that will not cause him pain. I checked continually that Mr P’s hands are in the right place and his legs are not in the way of the hoist. I and my colleague communicated to one another the different activities that needs to be done so that we could coordinate our actions effectively. While Mr P was up in hoist I took off his incontinent pad that he used in the night and disposed it appropriately into a yellow bag. I explained to Mr P why I needed to do this; to minimise cross infection.

Then we put him in the commode and left him on the commode for as long as he wanted. I gave him the switch of the call bell which he could use to call us if he required support . I put a towel across his lap and made sure the door of the room is closed to maintain Mr P’s dignity and privacy. When Mr P finished he called using the call bell and I went to assist him with my colleague. We hoisted him up again from the commode and I cleaned his bottom using toilet roll and wet wipes and put clean incontinent pad.

We put him in wheelchair. I asked my colleague to take commode to sluice room and make sure it is cleaned and disinfected thoroughly. After toileting Mr P, I washed my hands and Mr P said he would like to have a shower. I encouraged him to choose the toiletries and materials for dressing and grooming he wanted to use. I put on my gloves and aprons then reminded him that it’s meant to prevent infection from spreading. I informed my colleague that I will go and prepare the shower room and make it ready.

I took the toiletries with me and placed it at easy reach and run water in the shower checking the temperature with a thermometer to make sure it was warm enough for Mr P. The room temperature was enough to keep Mr P warm while having his shower. I went back to the room and supported my colleague with undressing Mr P and wheeled him to the shower room, transferred her into the shower chair. I closed the shower room door to maintain Mr P’s privacy and dignity while my colleague washed him with a sponge and soap.

After he was satisfied with the shower I dried him with his towels. I encouraged him to dry himself his face and front part of his body. My colleague and I supported Mr P back to his bedroom to get dressed; Mr P likes to have powder on him skin after the application of cream. He is able to rub in the powder to his thighs but not his back; therefore I to rubbed in powder to his back. While applying the powder I noticed some red marks which I told Mr P. He said he had been feeling itchy recently. I assisted him to put on his clothes.

After he was all dressed up combed her hair and returned all materials to the appropriate drawer. I also went to the shower room and ensured it was clean and ready for use next time. I washed my hands after disposing my gloves and apron into the shower room bin. I took all the equipments such as hoist, commode and wheelchair back to where they supposed to be so that environment will safe and clear to do other activities and can get them easily when we need again. Finally I reported the red marks that I had noticed on Mr P’s back and recorded on care plan.

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