Level 2 Reflective Account - Health and Safety Essay

As a Health care worker I work in accordance with the Care Standard Act 2000, Codes of Practice and conduct, with the Legal and Organisational requirements, and procedures - Level 2 Reflective Account - Health and Safety Essay introduction. Before I start work, I ensure that the environment is spacious to avoid any accidents. By ensuring that the floor is dry and clear of any obstruction or material that could result to risk of an accident to both the service user and member of staff in line with Health and Safety first Aids Regulations 1987.

I carry out checks on the residential areas and on the surroundings, fire checks and parked the wheelchairs and Zimmer frames in their appropriate places to avoid any accidents. I check to see that all doors and windows were locked and secured and areas are hazard free. It’s part of my responsibility to ensure, promote secure, healthy and safety working environment for both the service-users as well as the staff working within the care home. Taking standard precautions to avoid and prevent infection and cross-infection.

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Level 2 Reflective Account – Health and Safety Essay
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I start by first washing my hands before and after undertaking any task that involves coming in contact with the service users, I do on the spot risk assessment, wore protective clothing like the disposable aprons and gloves, ensure that these protective clothes are removed and replaced with clean ones after interacting with each service user. Correct disposal of protective clothes in accordance with the Organisational and legislative policies and procedures, COSHH 2002(Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulation, POVA(Protection of Vulnerable Adult Regulation, Health and Safety at work act.

I always take permission from my manager to access the care plan of the service users and I am able to communicate with each individual, which helps to facilitate and evaluate individuals preferred needs, choice and support. On one of my early shifts duties, as I started my shift, I noticed the presence of an unfamiliar person within the premises, who appeared to be finding it difficult to locate where she was going. I politely approached the stranger and asked her if I can be of any assistance to her?. She said that she is on a visit to see her grandmother who was a new resident to the home.

I was aware of rules and regulations and the Organisational and legal requirements in management of Health and Safety Regulations Act 1999, Human Right Act 1998, Data Protection Act 1998, and POVA (Protection of Vulnerable Adult Regulation 2004) that dealt with confidentiality. I kindly escorted her to the office reception, registered her and asked her to sign in the visitors log book which indicates the date, time, and name of visitor, whom she wanted to visit. However, I quickly checked with my duty manager before disclosing any information about the service user.

My first service-user of the day was Ms A, she is 65 years old. She suffers from depression and also panics attack, clinically obsess. I greeted her with a warm smile, introducing myself as her carer for the day. She responded back with a welcoming smile, I started building warm and friendly and positive communication with her. Already gone through her care plan, I was assessing her and asking her preferred support. She said that she preferred some freedom and privacy in the aspect of using the toilet without any assistance. I respected her views as these were set out on her care plan.

I agreed and respected her view under the Human Right Act 1998. I was assisted by my colleague and we followed the Manual and Handling Procedures, which states the process of supporting a service user to moving or position, with the aim of minimising the risk of injuries or pain to the service user and also to the service provider. I asked Ms A, to slide on the sliding sheet from her bed to the wheelchair with the support from my colleague and my self. But I was also conscious not to put undue pressure on her heart. She was fine and comfortable to do so.

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