Reinventing Government: New Public Management

To know the real meaning of “reinventing government,” let us take a look first on the definition of reinventing or reinvent. Merriam Dictionary defines reinvent as “to remake or redo completely,” meaning to change, transform or amend; hence, reinventing government means transforming the government Into a new face. It Is believed that for a government to be effective and efficient. It needs strategic government reforms. According to Osborne (20071 in order to succeed in reinventing overspent, one must be strategic for this takes a long journey.

Reinventing a government is not just a snap of fingers; it takes long and twisted roads to attain success. According to the paper presented by Brilliants, Jar and Fernando, Is There a Philippine Public Administration, reinventing government has something to do with New Public Management (PM). It stated the importance of management and partnership of the public and private sector. This theory alms to improve the performance of public personnel and efficiently deliver services to the masses.

In order to attain government reform and reinvention, Osborne and Gabbler (1992) introduced 10 principles for reinventing government. They believed that the following principles are essential In Improving the effectiveness of government service and practices.

  • Catalytic government – separating steering (policy and regulatory functions) from rowing (service delivery and compliance functions)
  • Community oriented government – empowering rather than serving: in other words, enabling the community to serve their own needs, rather than the direct provision of services for them
  • Competitive government – injecting competition into service delivery to ensure cost-effectiveness and quality services provision meeting the needs of the market
  • Mission-driven government – transforming rules-and- procedures-driven organizations into entities that are clear on their missions and mandates, and have few Internal obstacles In the way of accomplishing them
  • Results-oriented government – funding outcomes, not Inputs
  • Customer-driven government – meeting the needs of the customer, not the bureaucracy
  • Enterprising government – earning rather than spending
  • Anticipatory government prevention rather than cure
  • Decentralized government from hierarchy to participation and teamwork
  • Market-oriented government – leveraging change through market mechanisms

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