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Government to Spend Money on Public Transportation

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There Is an unresolved controversy what is more important for the city – convenient public transport or the well developed net of highways and roads. That Is really a hard question because while each of the ways brings some advancement In the standard of leaving, it also has Its own weaknesses. Nevertheless, I personally believe, that public transport is an essential part of the modern city so It has to get support from the government. I will try to prove my point by the following Ideas.

Firstly, public transport decreases the amount of the vehicles on the city’s roads and hush, reduces the harmful pollution.

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Government to Spend Money on Public Transportation
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For Instance, I have grown up In the big city with the population over eight million people. Fortunately, not that many people could afford the personal car back than, so we did not really have any noticeable problems “lath the quality of the air. But nowadays, when car became a prevalent convenience for every middle-income family, city faces a real problem.

The enormous amount of the cars in the streets create traffic problems, roads in the downtown are absolutely solid during the rush hours.

Apparently, the pollution of the air reached the critical mint and government has to urgently find the solution. I think that public transport can significantly benefit the environment. On the other hand, well-developed and convenient net of public transport will drastically increase the safety of the city’s roads. Obviously, when the professional drivers are in charge the collisions happen not that often. Furthermore, during the rush hours, especially in the evening, when people are in a hurry to get home after the working day, they do not pay much attention to their driving.

On the other hand, the professional drivers that have been rained to deal with the stress on the roads are able to concentrate better. So, more people leave their cars at the garages in the morning, less collisions we will have during the day. Resuming the above, I would like to say that if I were the government I would pay more support and attention to the public transports condition then that to the highways and roads. The convenient net of the public transport is able to benefit environment and increase safety on the roads. My personal opinion is that the public transport Is an essential element of the modern city.

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