Silent Night, Holy Night!

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Silent night holy night all is calm all is bright round yon virgin mother and child holy infant so tender and mild sleep in heavenly peace sleep in heavenly peace.

Silent night holy night shepherds quake at the sight glorious stream from heaven afar, heavenly hosts sing alleluia Christ the savior is born! Christ the savior is born!

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Silent night holy night son of god loves pure light radiant beams from the holy face with the dawn of redeeming grace Jesus lord at thy birth Jesus lord at thy birth.

The three wise men that visited Jesus were

The gifts that were given to Jesus from the wise men were

To me the true meaning of Christmas is simply not all about receiving gifts. It’s a time of the year when it’s Jesus’ turn to be recognized. Christmas is Jesus’ birthday, and this is the time where we should praise him and thank him for giving up his life for us. It is true that we should always thank him but we should really adore him at Christmas. Christmas is a time we should spend with our family and friends, for they are the people we care about most. Also everyone should attend mass to honor Jesus on this very special day. So when you think about Christmas don’t think about what you are going to get but think about what you are going to give.

The Christmas traditions we have in my family are decorating our Christmas tree as a family. Every year we buy our tree a week before Christmas, and we decorate it when it falls. We do this as a family. I think there is no meaning behind decorating a Christmas tree with out the whole household family. Every year we also have a tradition of going to visit my grandparents at their house, and that’s where we eat Christmas dinner. When we go down my grandparent’s house its not just my household family down there it’s the whole entire family to celebrate together. I think even when I have my own family I will always continue these traditions because they bring back memories of all the good times I have had with my family.

I’m writing today to speak on behalf of the situation of Joseph and my child that is soon to be born. I think this is the best gift a person could ever receive. Even though I ‘m a virgin this still allows me to have a beautiful child. I think this is the most blessed miracle God has ever performed. T first I must admit I was shocked that I was chosen to be the mother of Jesus but, now I ‘m so grateful.

Christmas is a time for giving…not for receiving.

Christmas is a time for sharing… not for selfishness

Christmas is a time for prayer…not for play

Christmas is a time for Jesus’ birth… not for getting presents

Christmas is a time for going to mass…not for making excuses

Christmas is a time for love …not for hatred

Christmas is a time for everyone to share with the ones you love and respect. Everyone who seems just a little nicer during the Christmas season should learn from that change and keep it. Start the New Year a whole different way that you ended. Love one another, as you would like to be loved!

Summary of the life of saint Nicholas

The legend of Santa clause began with a real person. Saint Nicholas, who lived many centuries ago. He is one of the most popular saints honored by Christians. He lived during the 4th century in lycia. There is not much known about him. Some stories say he was born in patara and traveled to Egypt and Palestine as a young man. After a while he became bishop of the church at mayra. By the 6th century his burial shrine was well known at myra. In 1087 his remains were moved to bari, Italy which became a crowed pilgrimage center in his honor. Worship of him spread throughout the Christian world and he was chosen as the patron saint of Russia and Greece. There are now thousands of churches throughout Europe that have been named after him. His feast day was set on December 6th. The whole transformation of Saint Nick into the person known as Santa clause began in Germany. There in Germany he was called Kris kringle. Which means “Christ child. “ then he became compared with the Christmas season and gift giving. Then his legend spread through France where he was known as pere noel. Then in New Amsterdam he became known as sinter claes, which finally became known as Santa clause. And that’s how Saint Nicholas became known as Santa clause.

The True Meaning Of Christmas (A Children’s Story)

In a small town of Bethlehem lived a young girl named Kelly. Kelly was turning 10 in two days. Her mother was also expecting a baby in about a week or so. Kelly was so excited about her birthday coming up that she had forgotten all about the new baby that was going to be born shortly. Kelly’s mother was very excited about the new baby and so was her father. Kelly’s family was not the wealthiest family in the world. They were actually kind of poor. Kelly’s father had a job but not a very steady one it really didn’t pay that much at all. Kelly was hoping to get a new doll for her birthday. Her mother told her she would try her best to get that doll for Kelly. But she told her not to get her hopes up because the new baby would need things too. Her mother told her if she didn’t have the doll she wanted for her birthday then she would surely get it after the baby was born. Kelly felt disappointed because she was hoping for this doll for a long time. Two days later Kelly’s birthday came and there was no doll waiting for her. Kelly was so sad. She told her parents she would never forgive them. Even though she was upset and said that her parents knew that she really didn’t mean that in her heart. Two days after Kelly’s birthday had passed Kelly’s mother

Was starting feel very sick. Finally her mother was ready to have the baby. Her father was just about to take her to the hospital when suddenly he realized it was to late. Her mother had already pushed so hard that the baby was almost out. Kelly watched in fear as her father was delivering the baby. Kelly had never ever seen something as amazing as this in her life. She realized she was watching her new baby sister or brother be born right before her very own eyes. Suddenly she saw the baby’s head come out followed by the rest of the baby’s body. Kelly was so overwhelmed she couldn’t catch her breath. Kelly ran over to her mother and the baby and gave them a big kiss.

Then she ran over to her father and did the same. Her parents could tell right away that Kelly had forgotten all about her doll. Kelly said she was sorry for what she had said. Kelly realized that the life of her new baby brother was so special that she never ever needed a doll or any other toy no matter how much she wanted it. I think even though this story is talking about a little girls birthday I still think a lot of people can relate to it and compare the meaning of Christmas to this story. See Christmas is not all about getting gifts its about giving and sharing with one another.

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