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Religion Reflection

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Religion Reflection Paper Why do you think religion is important to people? I think religion is important to people because its always there for people whenever they need it. If people ever feel depressed or there are headed down the wrong road they pray and vent their feelings without having anyone to judge them. They feel comfort because God is always there watching over them. They know God is always listening and will do anything he can. Does society make it difficult to be faithful to our religion sometimes?

Yes society does make it difficult to be faithful because there are certain temptations that are hard to resist like; sex before marriage, drugs and alcohol, and people give in because of the world we live in today.

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Also when people who follow different religions give their opinions and beliefs its hard to tell what’s the truth and what isn’t. Also society makes it difficult because they pressure people to follow a certain religion and try to tell them what they can and can’t believe in.

When in your life do you usually find yourself turning towards God and why? In my life I usually find myself turning towards God when I’m going through a tough time. When I’m feeling sad or mad or lonely I pray to God and I always end up feeling better because I know he’s listening and he will always be there for me when I need him too. When my parents got divorced I went through a tough time for years and still am but God is always there for me to listen to what I have to say. How important is a Catholic Education for you?

Would you send your kids here one day? A Catholic Education is Important to me because I want to learn about my background as a catholic and want my kids to be raised the same way I was. Yes I would send my kids to a Catholic School when they become age to attend school because they are a little better than Public Schools. They have more discipline and have a uniform to follow. I would also like to send them to a Catholic School because I went to Catholic Schools my whole life and would want them to go and learn the things I did.

How do you define religion and faith in your life? (what’s the difference between the two? ) The difference between religion and faith is religion is man made and faith is spiritual. Faith is belief, trust and loyalty to God. Religion is just what you know what you follow what your family and you believe in. I would define religion in my life as learning religion is school and going through communion, confirmation, baptism. Faith in my life would be going to church every sunday, praying to God all the time and doing Christian things like community service.

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