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Mongols’ Diverse Mix of Tradition and Religion

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The Mongols were once the leaders of a fierce empire that conquered much short time. Opinions towards the Mongols varied greatly though, ranging fro m large amounts of respect to hatred and fear. Document 1 is a quote derived from a Mongol written history. A Shaman nothing that before Genghis Khan took control of the Mongols, the people ro bbed and killed each other. The nation had turned against itself. Document 2 is from William of Rubruck , who spent a couple months in Khan’s court.

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Mongols’ Diverse Mix of Tradition and Religion
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He describes the entrance of the alace as adorned with a silver tree with four silver lions at the base. The furni ture was made with gold cloth and a fire burned in the center of the room. Document 3 is from Odoric of Pordenone , who supported and admire Genghis Khan. Khan’s court was orderly with each person ranked and assigned to a certain place. Document 4 is from a Hungarian Bishop who held two Mongols captive. The Mongols would not discuss their beliefs, but mentioned conquering the world.

Document 5 from John of Plano Carpini talks about the lifestyle of a Mongol.

No Mongols robbed, murdered, or fough t other Mongols. They respected each other and shared what little food they had. Document 6 consists of two prtraits painted by Aniko . One depicts Kublai Khan while the other shows his wife. Document 7 is from Juvaini , a Persian historian whose homeland was pillaged by Mongols. He states that his homeland was once a desirable and w ealthy place until Mongols killed everyone. Document 8 is by Ghazi , who was a Muslim Chronicler. He said that the Mongolian Empire was safe from robbery.

Group 1 is titled ProMongolian because the documents included, which are 1, 3, 6, and 8, all display a similar feeling of admiration toward the Mongols and th accomplishments. Group 2 includes documents 4 and 7 and is called AntiMon golian because the attitudes displayed in the texts are that of dislike. Group 3 is Neu tral as all of the documents included simply discuss the lifestyle of the Mongols in an in different manner. These documents are numbers 2 and 5. A deeper analysis of document 6 by Ghazi suggests that Mongols really nfluenced order and control.

Men could travel across the land in possession of valuables without fear of a thief. Genghis Khan’s rule over the different countr ies encourage trade and peace by ensuring the safety of the people. One beneficial point of view is that of a merchant. Since Great Khan has come to power, trading has increased. It would be interesting to hear from a merchant whose country had been conquered, and whether or not they re spiteful or grateful. A second point of view might be from a young Mongolian child.

A child being taught to kill and pillage mercilessly might not understand. It would be interes ting to hear what he or she has to say about Mongolian lifestyle and methods. A third point of view from a priest or otherwise religious person would be beneficial because it would provide insight on what people thought of the Mo ngols’ diverse mix of tradition and religion. In conclusion, the opinions of Hungarians, Persians, Italians, the French, and Mongols over the Mongolian Empire vary between positive and negative base d on experience.

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