The Theory of Evolution : Religion

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            Reflecting on Teilhards (Pierre Teilhard de Chardin) understanding of evolution, do you believe there is a way that creationism and evolution can be reconciled?

            Many ancient myths were attempts to explain how the various plants and animals were created. Thales suggested that all life came from water. Aristotle believed that living things could arise out of non-living matter, and that more complex forms of life probably arose from simpler forms. With spread of Christianity, men throughout the Western World accepted the story of Creation as told in Genesis, the first book of the Bible. For hundreds of years no further scientific though was devoted to the origin of life. By the 18th century scientists had again begun to investigate the development of living things and the theory of evolution was created. The theory of evolution suggests that all plants and animals descended from one or several kinds of simple organisms. It also explains why there are so many different kinds of plants and animals. The inherited characteristics of nearly all living things change from generation to generation. In most cases, this change is so gradual that it is noticeable only after many years. Eventually the accumulated changes may become so great that the descendant bears little likeness to its remote ancestor and may belong to different species.

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When the theory of evolution first came to public attention it was met with a storm protest and ridicule. Some people, misinterpreting the theory, thought it claimed that man was descended from apes. One religious objection to evolution was that it conflicted with the story of Creation as told in Genesis. Most religious denominations now accept the theory, but in varying degrees. Some see no conflict between evolution and theology. Others accept the theory only as an unproved hypothesis still others accept only those parts that do not apply to man. A theory called Scientific Creationism states that scientific evidence points not to man’s evolution from lower species but to his creation by some external power or intelligence.

            Does the Genesis account of creation (Gen1-2) explain how the universe was created or who created it?
Yes, the Genesis account of creation just explains how the universe was created and who created it. Genesis is the first book of the Bible. Genesis is the Greek word for “beginning” or “origin,” and is derived from the Hebrew b’reshith (in the beginning), the first word in the Old Testament. Chapter 1 tells of God’s act of creation. Chapter 2-11 records the human history from Adam to Abraham and describes the Garden of Eden, the Tower of Babel and the Flood. Genesis states that it was God who created the heavens and the earth and the human beings as well. He did it by just speaking the word and by forming men from dust.

How does the fact that God exists outside of time and space affect our understanding of creation?

            Creation is an unfathomable event where in only God, the sole creator of heavens and earth can provide concrete and detailed explanations of it. In the Creation story, God showed that He is the ruler and master of all things. That even the heavens and earth and everything in it bows down before Him in reverence and piety. God knows everything before it was made into reality. His intelligence and greatness that is beyond our own understanding and comprehension, makes the “Creation” story treasured and firmly kept by those who have strong faith in Him.


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