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Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and Islam

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    What is Community Psychology: Is a very important branch of psychology it understands people’s behavior within their communities, societies, and organizations. Community psychology focuses more on wellness than illness it’s an important factor to support social change through the empowerment of weak groups such as women who suffer from brutality, youth and children living in poverty disabled people elderly and jobless immigrants. However, this thesis aimed to contribute opportunities to enhance the quality of life of people, communities, and society. The aim here is to provide opportunities for all human beings to achieve meaning and purpose of life and gain full control of their resources they need for their survival

    The twenty-first century has become very challenging and difficult for all human beings who are striving for a decent and prosperous life this is due to advance technology, human diversity, the formation of a new family, Innovation in productions and labor needs in the market. However this has led to millions of people who are fleeing from poverty as new immigrants and trying to settle culturally or economically are treated unfairly and considered low in society. Increased life expectancy has led to increased psychosocial and diseases connected to poverty which are challenging post to the welfare state.

    WHO European policy framework has intervened to improve the wellbeing and health of people by implementing new strategic planning. Community psychology research is assisting in changing these health strategies to make it fair and plays an important role to overcome such issues, hence trying to ease the lives of human beings who are leaving in critical conditions.

    Darwin’s theory of evolution is in direct contradiction with Islamic teachings and hence should be discarded by the Muslims without a second thought”

    Charles Darwin was an English geologist and biologist he set out to an expedition in 1831 as a believing Christian and returned as an agnostic. He published his book Origin of species 1859. Modern science found it as a tool to explain human species and the origin of life. In his book, he mentioned that humans were decedents of apes like other forms of multicellular life evolved from a unicellular organism which he called ‘natural selection’. This was where atheism came into existence, similarly in his other book ‘The descent of man’ he stated that Europeans were more ‘advanced’ compared to other races in the world hence this gave the first gateway to racism, hostility, colonization, and materialism and people started taking advantage of Darwin’s theory.

    How does Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution contradict Islamic teaching?

    Science is not a mandatory belief as many scientists have rejected it, the Correlations doesn’t mean that if the human DNA matches with apes are a product of apes Human being should understand the way Allah has created and fashioned this world and taught us how to reflect and analyze human nature which should elevate our Imaan. Faith cannot be blind Muslim scientists have used religion as a form of guidance to explore the laws of Allah’s creation. Allah has given the Quran as a guiding tool to mankind to understand what is the purpose of life not for us to follow blindly but with solid reasoning, witness and experience in this world.

    Allah says in the Quran: “And of His signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth and the diversity of your languages and your colors. Indeed in that are signs for those of knowledge.”(30:22)

    In the above verse, Allah mentions there is no room for racism we are all equal no race or human is superior over another.

    Islam in response to the Evolution of Darwin’s Theory

    Science is nothing new to the Muslim world science flourished under the righteous caliphs Muslims ruled the scientific world for hundreds of years because they were faithful to their book Allah blessed it with every blessing be it political or scientific. The language of science was Arabic. However, there has always been a huge clash between the western and eastern Islamic paradigm, Furthermore, the theory of evolution has challenged the Quranic paradigm. We can say it is good science in a scientific logic in the western paradigm, not a global conspiracy to brainwash Muslims. The scientist has proved there were dinosaurs and microevolution we Muslims believe because Allah has mentioned in the Quran that He has created things and creatures that we don’t have any knowledge. Modern Science has discovered bones of men and animals which are thousands and millions of years old, Muslims agree and do not have to restrict or dispute with timeline because Allah mentions in the Quran: “ He rules (all) affairs from the heavens to the earth: in the end will (all affairs) go up to Him on a Day the space whereof will be (as) a thousand years of your reckoning.” (32:5)

    Islam against Darwin’s Evolution of Theory

    What Muslims deny is when scientists claim that humans’ DNA Matches with apes and humans are decedents from the ape. We believe that Allah created Adam and Eve and from both of them where our species came, Allah says in the Quran: “He Who has made everything which He has created most good: He began the creation of man with (nothing more than) clay” (32:7) If Allah Has created humans to be the ‘MOST FIT’ on earth than how can you compare them with apes.

    Bottom-line modern science cannot prove that life evolves from the same species. Quran is the word of Allah and Allah has given human intellect and senses to practically observe and collect information. Without Divine guidance, human beings are lost in understanding the reality of our existence. In Darwin’s principle of evolution he devised that a result of better adaptation to the environment some humans will produce more offspring inheriting the same advantages called ‘Fitness’ however this is not compatible in Islam because in our society we value academic more than Akhlaq, therefore, generation of humans lack such characteristics and hence become deprived of it.

    Conclusion on Darwin’s Evolution of Theory

    Theory of Evolution is good science but there is a limit. Science is not all about facts but is a practice and needs an abundance of interpretation. As Muslims we cannot take Quran as metaphorical we have to stick with the Quran no matter what evolution or modern science say Allah has given human beings Aql, language, knowledge, and free will which is so powerful that we understand the Aql and the limitations of it we can study our knowledge which no other creature in this world has been blessed with it. Muslims don’t deny everything in evolution rather we confirm the broad principles of evolutions but we draw a line where it contradicts

    With Quranic paradigm. We should stick to the strong points Tawhid, Resurrection, Prophet hood, our purpose of life. Philosophers noted that evolution of theory can be changed from time to time or abandoned.

    There are a lot of political questions concerning these theories we leave it for the western world to find the answers rather we need science that discovers the wisdom of understanding life, beauty and creativity the world we live in.


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