Religious and Ethnic Groups Paper Sample

It is the purpose of this paper to discourse the spiritual and racial/ethnic groups selected to explicate assorted information that is relate to both groups. Religious group

My selected spiritual group is Jehovah’s Witnesses. Jehovah’s Witnesses differ from other spiritual groups in their beliefs. worship patterns and values in many ways. Some beliefs of Jehovah’s Witnesses topographic point this faith apart from other Christian denominations. such as restricting the figure of people who will travel to heaven to 144. 000. denying the Trinity philosophy. and rejecting the traditional Latin cross ( Zavada. 2013 ) . Jehovah Witnesses have different beliefs when it comes to Communion. the Bible. Baptism. parts. cross. equality. heaven/hell. Evangelism. God. the sanctum and Christ Jesus ( Zavada. 2013 ) .

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For case Jehevah Witnesses belief that Communion is the “Lord’s Evening Meal” is a memorial to Jehovah’s love and to Christ’s redemptional forfeit. The Christians belief that Communion is the organic structure and blood of Jesus. Jehovah Witnesses besides belief that merely a 144. 0000 will travel to heaven and the other remainder of saved human race will populate everlastingly on a restored Earth. As for the Christians. they belief that all who belief in Jesus and except him as their Jesus. being born once more of the H2O and the spirit with see Jesus and reign with him in Eden.

The experience of the Jehovah Witnesses holding to cover with others that do non belief or portion their belief is this. When the Jehovah Witnesses come strike harding at persons doors. people either do non come to the door or they open the door and state them that they don’t belief in what they are discoursing. Most of the Christians who JWs brush are non ready and go highly defensive and objectionable with them. This merely encourages the Witnesss to believe they are on the right way.

Ways JW’s have contributed to American civilization is “the Jehovah’s Witnesss are indigens to the United States with roots dating back to the instructions of Charles Taze Russell. a curate in Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania. in the 1870s. The organisation does non publicize in the media and strives to stay separate from most popular civilization. Still. the members’ passionate proselytizing and a few controversial philosophies have put the group in the limelight. As a consequence. the Witnesss have left an imprint in American culture” ( Burroughs. 2013. p. 1 ) .

Examples of the bias or favoritisms JW’s have experienced are legion. “A Jehovah’s Witness. Jones-Abid balked. stating her faith forbids her from detecting Christmas. She was fired the same twenty-four hours in November 2008. harmonizing to a favoritism suit filed Thursday in federal tribunal in Raleigh by the U. S. ” ( Weegy. 2013. p. 1 ) . Another illustration is “two former instructors are actioning the Lee County School District stating their school’s principal discriminated against them and declined to re-hire them after larning they are Jehovah’s Witnesses” ( Bhasin. 2012. p. 1 ) .

The beginnings of the bias or favoritism were simply because they refused to take part in Christmas activities being conducted by a group. Not merely is this unjust. but it should be a pick non a force to take part. What I have learned about JW’s assist me understand it better by researching what they belief and merely acquiring to a better apprehension of they have a voice excessively. JW’s do non coerce their spiritual beliefs on others and we holding other spiritual beliefs should non coerce our faith on them. They have the right to idolize and belief whatever they want merely like anyone else. Racial/ethnic group

The White group differs from the Black group in many ways. As to differences among races. there are many differences such as caput form and facial characteristics. physical adulthood at birth. encephalon formation and cranial capacity. ocular and audile sharp-sightedness. organic structure size and range. figure of vertebrae. blood types. bone denseness. length of gestation period. figure and distribution of perspiration secretory organs. rate of baby development of alpha encephalon moving ridges. fingerprints. ability to digest milk. hair signifiers and distribution. olfactory property. color-blindness. familial diseases. voltaic tegument opposition. pigmentation of the tegument and eyes. and exposure to infective diseases. “Whites were said to be three times every bit likely as inkinesss to go to a classical music public presentation. the opera. or the ballet” ( jbhe. com. 2013. p. 1 ) . White persons were twice every bit likely as inkinesss to go to a musical drama or other type of theatrical production. White persons were besides twice every bit likely as inkinesss to travel to an art carnival. White persons were besides significantly more likely than inkinesss to go to a dance narration or an art museum ( jbhe. com. 2013 ) .

Many condemnable prosecutions involve a member of one race trying to place a culprit who is of another race. The chief thought of the other-race consequence is that “Eyewitnesses are less likely to mistake person of their ain race than they are to mistake person of another race” ( Wells & A ; Olson. 2001. p. 230 ) . For illustration. if you are White. you are more likely to mistake person who is Asian instead than if they were White. An account for this is the theory that “They all expression likewise. ” which states that within a individual ’s race they recognize the diverseness among members. but when it is a member of another racial group the individual does non see any existent differences. In other words. they see more similarity ( Ferguson. Rhodes. Lee. & A ; Sririam. 2001 ) . “They all expression likewise to me” is what many White persons say when they are faced with members of other races ( Sporer. 2001 ) . An illustration of this would be that to Whites all Asians look likewise and to Asians all White persons look likewise.

White people in America are all different. They have different experiences and backgrounds ; they think and act for themselves. They are non populating stereotypes or slaves to their civilization. The Ku Klux Klan is an illustration of a racialist organisation ; its members’ belief in white domination has encouraged over a century of hatred offense and hatred address. “In January 2006. two misss walked into Burleson High School in Texas transporting bags that displayed big images of Confederate flags. School decision makers told the misss that they were in misdemeanor of the frock codification. which prohibited dress with inappropriate symbolism or vesture that discriminated based on race” ( cnx. org. 2013. p. 1 ) . The beginnings of this bias or favoritism were to advance that one race is better than another and that vesture makes a difference no affair who the individual is.

What I have learned about the White group does non truly assist me to understand any longer than I did when I started the research. I can non understand hatred or favoritism no affair who it is. In decision the bias and favoritism experienced by the Jehovah Witnesses and the White group are similar in ways of their intervention toward the group based on their belief. The two groups are different because one is based on bias to faith and other is based on bias due to clamber colour. The decisions I can pull about favoritism from this comparing is that everyone should hold a pick and others should let others to show their beliefs. Basically we as worlds merely need to encompass that we are different and love one another merely because it is the right thing to make.

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