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Remember the Titans is a movie that strongly depicts leadership, thus showing a leader in action - Remember the Titans Reflection introduction. This movie displays how a group of football players can bring a town to realize that someone should not be judged by the color of their skin. With the help of Coach Boone, played by Denzel Washington, a group of high school boys turn from enemies to great friends. This movie displayed a very captivating act of how America’s past is a vital time in our history and must never be forgotten. At the beginning of the movie, the football team was an all-white team with a white coach.

Before the new season started, a new coach was introduced and also along with other students to the school who were all African Americans - remember the titans summary essay. Coach Boone takes pride in being a coach and didn’t care what color a player was as long as he played hard. He was compared to Martin Luther King, who was also a very important icon during the time period in the film. Many roles of leadership are reflected in the movie. One of the major roles would have to be from the coaches. Boone took a group of boys that hated each other and turned them into a championship winning team.


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He went on to explain how every man was the same and that there was no reason for the boys to hate one another because of their skin color. Shockingly, this was a turning point in the movie where the players started to compromise and get along with each other. From here on out in the movie, the team started to inspire the entire town to believe that race was nothing to judge someone by and that everyone was created equally. Another role of leadership was when two captains stepped up and became leaders. Being a team captain requires leadership skills to do the captain job, but in their case it was much harder because of the race conflicts.

They would set examples for the entire team to follow, causing the team to be the best they could be. From watching this movie I have learned that being a leader calls for more than just being able to take charge of a group. I now see how sometimes a leader must overcome many obstacles before they are given the chance to shine and become successful. After watching this movie, it has set an example on how I can become a better leader. It gives me the extra drive to accomplish everything I set to mind to do, even if society disagrees. If a group of high school boys can change the mind of an entire town, then I know I can also be successful.

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